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    This is a question that often causes controversy and some kind of unhealthy excitement.

    We distinguish between a person's orientation and their behavior directly. He has no power over the former, but he must be morally responsible for the latter. We do not see any way to reconcile homosexual behavior with the Christian faith, although we know of churches that are trying to do so. Of course, this does not mean that such people should be judged and oppressed. Each of us has our own sinful tendencies and spiritual struggles.

    To a greater extent, the sin here is fornication, and not same-sex relationships as such. It is fornication that is completely forbidden by the Bible's teaching, which is clearly stated in many places.

    Christians oppose same-sex relationships because they have the freedom to speak out about their moral beliefs. Of course, this should apply to both sides of the conflict, both LGBT supporters and their opponents.

    Often, Christians “go too far” in this matter, which, of course, is unacceptable. Moreover, Christ called his disciples to love all people without exception.

  2. I also asked the same question. Gays lived peacefully, not sticking out their properties, and suddenly such a show unfolded. I asked my question from a slightly different angle, it is more understandable for those who have children. And the church doesn't push them away. They are the ones who are afraid to go to church. In confession, you need to talk about your cohabitation with a man as a sin. And they don't consider same-sex marriage a sin. They got involved in politics and it is already incurable…

  3. Did God personally tell you about his hatred of gays? In that case, you're the only person who knows about it… well, this is ironic, of course, and forgive me for it. If you knew what love is, then this question would not arise, because hatred is not inherent in love. The only quality that people know about God is love, and love knows no hate. Hatred is a quality inherent in people, because people do not know how to love.

    • God is not a human being, and hate is the opposite of love, which is given to people to make them more intelligent.
    • Many people despise gays and rightly so, because if someone steps on a turd, will they love the turd because they met it and even touched it?
    • This proves that there is no homophobia, but contempt, but gays invented homophobia instead of contempt, in order to make a diagnosis and fight it.
    • After all, if there is contempt without fear, then there is nothing to fight!
  4. It is not God who hates, but people who speak in his name.

    At various times, they directed “His hatred” at various groups of the population: scientists, doctors, women, redheads, gays. Now most of them recognize science, medicine too, women and redheads are not burned, the time will come and gays will be recognized, more precisely, some churches will recognize

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