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  1. Maybe yes, and maybe no. It's important to understand exactly what you don't like. Life as a process of life activity: eating/drinking/sleeping or the environment around you? People who surround you or your inner state? You don't need to analyze your thinking patterns – you'll dig in. Just try to understand what exactly needs to happen or change in your life so that you start to like it. There are some things that cannot be changed, then you can change your attitude to them. Abstract, leave (change the situation, environment, actions).

  2. The feeling of discomfort is a very valuable feeling, and it indicates that something is going wrong. And some people behave like a gas station driver who turns off the flashing emergency light and goes on with life. And here you just need to pause and eat a twix…. but that's another topic.

  3. Yes. This definitely means it. Unhappiness, dissatisfaction with life is caused precisely by the fact that you have taken a wrong turn somewhere. To get on the right track, you need to start doing only what you want. You should not do things that you need to be motivated to do, such things are not true desires and will not translate you to success. Oh, and you don't owe anyone anything at all. Remember this once and for all. Don't give a shit about other people's opinions about whether you're doing something right or wrong. And whether it will be right to take something now abruptly and change it in your life. Just understand that you are going to die very soon. And even if you have 60 years of life left, it's still very soon, like a second. So rather, try to understand what you don't like right now, what's bothering you, and what you're doing just out of spite, and send it to hell!

  4. Personally, on the contrary, I always feel that hardships and inconveniences give awareness- ” maybe it's so hard for me because I'm on the contrary following the right, but thorny path?”

    Just like if I was trudging up Mount Everest with a huge backpack and a cat under my arm, I would have liked it less.But you go, a little groaning and moments ready to send everything to hell, but you continue only from understanding why it is needed.Well, I wish you to find some meaning in everything that is now around you.

    P/s this realization was enough for me to learn one language in a year,go to work in the United States,and start learning a second one (although I've already given up,apparently, a life break)

  5. Sometimes the right path is also not always exciting, because it is often associated with duty, responsibility, responsibilities, and work – this is not always pleasant. And vice versa, there are people who ride like cheese in butter, their life is a continuous buzz – I would never want to go this way. Based on this, we can conclude that feelings and momentary assessments are not always correct. It is important to have a revelation and understanding of where I am going, where my path leads and what I can expect on this path, and most importantly what the result will be in the end.

    On the other hand, the lack of a sense of loyalty, satisfaction, and perspective can really indicate problems related to the life position, choice of purpose, meaning, and aspirations. It is in the study of these aspects that you need to dig. Sometimes, where a person faces a difficulty, there is a correction.

    The truth is not always visible at first glance, so look carefully, so as not to confuse a blessing with a curse, not to recognize death as life, not to get carried away with a disaster, mistaking it for happiness. Jewish wisdom.

    The way of sinners is peace in the beginning, and then suffering.

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