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  1. I have before my eyes the example of my parents. They grew up in the post-war period, my father drank heavily, my mother earned money from morning to night, she was not up to children. My mother's father was a little inadequate after the injury, and my mother is the most simple Russian aunt. But there was a certain desire in my parents, a desire to get out of a life that did not suit them. And it got out. My dad is a retired ambassador, knows a million languages, and has worked as a diplomat all his life, which is why I grew up abroad. My mother is also an MFA student, but she became an English teacher, wrote a bunch of dictionaries, and is generally a great smart girl, from whom all our elite learn the language. Therefore, the chance to stay in your environment “by birth” is great, of course, but it is quite realistic to overcome with a strong desire.

  2. I have always believed that a person is like a block of stone, from which, thanks to work on himself, he is able to carve any qualities. But if you don't make an effort, you will remain the same stone block.

    Based on the above, only you can evaluate your chances

  3. Example number one : my father was born in the post-war period in the Moscow region. The father is a worker (then a shop manager) at the factory, the mother is a housewife with five children. He became interested in painting, classical music, and languages. After the army, he went to a military institute, became a translator, works with the most complex technical texts, and visited various countries in Africa and Latin America.
    Number two is my girlfriend's grandfather from a Belarusian village. Also, after the army and the military institute, he became a popular translator, lived in Germany, and worked at Moscow State University.
    In both cases, the other members of the SMEI were not particularly successful. Everything is in your hands:)

  4. No one canceled the material from which you were made. DNA transmits more than just external factors, such as brown eyes or long fingers. The way you will think can be calculated based on 3 factors.�
    1. Genetics
    2. Family
    3. School, kindergarten
    On these three “whales” you become a person. After school, or rather after the first five or seven grades, you improve, but changes in the tactics of reasoning, in your behavior, in your conversation are very unlikely to change.�
    Now people think that a simple girl will marry a king more than usual.
    But these are people who were brought up in different conditions. In different societies and most importantly-they were made of different things. This does not mean that someone is stupid, and someone is smart. This means that they will not be able to live together with a probability close to the maximum.�
    The main factor of yourself is always a set of genes.
    If your father and mother worked on a farm, then you will continue this business with great success, do not go into diametrically opposite areas. If you fail, you will be sure that the people from these areas are scum, scum who do not allow the ordinary population to pass. But they won't be able to work on the farm. They will be difficult, uncomfortable, and ridiculous. Unlike you. Therefore, aim up carefully, slowly. You will achieve what you can!

  5. You make yourself. Your family can give you advice, help you with something, and support you. But who you should be is up to you. Usually, parents are the standard, everyone strives to be like their parents, but few people know how they went to this. At some point, you need to pull yourself together and take care of yourself, decide what you want to be, how you will achieve this and by what means.

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