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  1. For you — maybe, but for the girl — a ruined life. You don't have to believe in the law, you have to stick to it. Ideally, for everyone. Fear of punishment is the only thing that keeps many people from committing crimes, laws make our life not ideal, but at least tolerable.
    P.What if you are raped in an unnatural way? Is this also not good or bad? I do not think so.

  2. Since the question is placed in the section of psychology and philosophy, and not in the section of jurisprudence, it is obvious that the author is not interested in the legal interpretation of the question.

    Moreover, any sane lawyer understands that there is no equality before the law in reality, the law is the same means of retaining the power of some over others as propaganda and mass education. If you rape a girl, you will probably go to jail, but if you are the son of a prosecutor in your region, or the prosecutor himself, you will not.

    As for the psychophilosophical interpretation, the answer depends on what patterns of thinking and behavior you are guided in life.

    If it is purely physiological, animal-then the only thing that will keep you from harming another person is the threat to your own physical safety. For example, the fear that a girl might stick a nail or stick in your eye. Or that her father will find you and kill you. Etc. The animal is not afraid of either the police or justice.

    If there are other mental and behavioral patterns in your worldview – intellectual, transcendental-then they will keep you from doing evil.

    For example, developed intelligence, among other things, gives the ability to empathize, to empathize, the ability to put yourself in the place of another.

    The presence of a transcendental feeling, for example, the belief “in God” or in the “one ocean of being” leads to the idea of the possibility of some metaphysical punishment for evil, etc.

  3. This is Article 131 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Minor – from 8 to 15 years old. Minor (less than 14 years old) – from 12 to 20. And I think everyone has heard about the special treatment of pedophiles in the zone. Is this good for you or bad?…

  4. Good / evil concepts are abstract due to their relativity and the fact that they were invented by a person who proceeded from a universal compromise for the sake of a relatively comfortable life for each member of society. The law (in this case, criminal law) is designed to support this system of mutual compromises by threatening to use force against a potential violator, or by actually using it in the event of an already committed violation. The world does not consist of one subjective “I” of a single person and many extras who do not have their own interests that run counter to the interests of this one person. Each of these “extras” somehow has their own interests, which, for example, may be hindered by the very fact of the existence of that very person, and so that we do not kill each other – there is a law. Simply put, we are all ready to punish those of us who violate the status quo for the sake of universal relatively peaceful coexistence.

    Therefore, yes, the concept of good/evil is very abstract entities, they are invented by people and undergo serious changes over time, while the law designed to force people to refrain from causing this abstract evil is an artificial restriction in nature. Of course, you can live in a different way, but then there is absolutely no guarantee that you will be a rapist, and not a victim.�

    Therefore, society, taking advantage of the fact that there are far more people who agree with the existing system of mutual compromises than anarchists like you who deny the law, will simply swat you like a cockroach if you risk doing something like this. And here in the first place you should not have the concept of good/evil, respect for the law, etc., but a completely tangible, concrete and natural instinct of self – preservation-be guided by it if there is not enough faith in the law and justice of the established concepts of good/evil.

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