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  1. So this is a figment of your imagination,you are mature enough for at least some vulgarity and intimacy, and if you do not pour it out in reality,you will suffer from dreams,stupid thoughts,delusions and intoxication.

  2. That's why they dream, because you don't think it's normal. If we do not allow ourselves to reflect on such objects of thought during wakefulness, block their appearance in our consciousness, they find a way out of the cell created by us in dreams, since we cannot control the appearance of the latter.

    Allow yourself to think about it. Accept the fact that there is such a thing in nature. Give yourself “permission” to manifest yourself in the same perversions. Whether to actually show yourself in them is already the second question, but you need to give yourself “permission” for them. Permission in this case is not a permission to allow, not a signal to start, but simply a moral acceptance of the possibility, the probability of such behavior on your part.

  3. If you calmly keep yourself from thinking this format in reality, then you are simply holding yourself back too much. It is worth giving a little freedom to your thoughts and maybe even openly say or do something. We have a certain balance of such perversity. We can keep it in ourselves,which will spoil the psyche, etc., or we can lead a terrible lifestyle, but we can feel much better inside if we don't break any relationships,etc.If you don't feel at all that it can attract you in any way and dreams are more like a nightmare,then maybe something spoils you. Let's say you have such an environment that makes you unconsciously replay some of their conversations, etc. By itself, this simply could not come from.

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