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  1. Grass after taking surfactants can cause a slightly similar feeling as a mini flashback, so if you had a bad trip, then it's not surprising. It is worth taking a longer break from the experience with mushrooms so that the head comes in order and refrain from grass and surfactants until everything returns to normal. Remember that what you fill yourself with and what you look at is in your head and will come out when taking surfactants so more positive. The fewer demons you see in real life the fewer of them you have in your head

  2. The same thing. This is how it was and is happening: I had an experience with 2-ci, a great Trip and all that, but in the end I had a panic attack. Since then, I feel strange on the left side of my body, but my health is fine. The most important thing is how smoking herbs becomes wildly huevo, straight tin and if you endure, then the subsequent use on the same day does not cause such feelings, the usual action and that's it. This has been the case for more than 5 years. Here's what I do to avoid this: first I smoke sooooo small amounts, a short puff, for example, or half a medium bun, then I wait for 20-25 minutes, while it doesn't get bad, and then I gently raise it without getting mad and I almost don't experience negative feelings.�

    P.S. This is, of course, amazing shit)) the campaign we set fire to the brains))

  3. It is obvious that you have consumed mushrooms together with spores, which can retain their activity even after heat treatment. Spores somehow got into the lungs, and from there with the blood flow dispersed through the body and formed a mycelium – in the liver or in the brain, which is normally perceived by your body, as well as its waste products. But as soon as your body gets cannabinoids when using marijuana, the fungi begin to protect their colony from a foreign and harmful substance for them, they produce their own toxins to neutralize. In your body, at this moment, the battle of Mushrooms and Grass for dominance over your brain begins – and you feel this hell in reality. You need to see a toxicologist and visit the Griboyedov Museum.

  4. It's just time to quit. “Guys” indicate to you that. You didn't do it without a request. That was their actual answer to your important question

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