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  1. It directly depends on why and why you say this to your niece. If it's because her spread legs make it difficult for people to sit next to her and you would say the same thing if she were a nephew, then no. And if it's because she's a girl, and only boys can sit with their legs spread, then you're a sexist person after that, of course.

  2. This is absolutely correct and instructive. Since any nonsense like femok will pass, but the norms of etiquette, how NOT to spit,NOT to fart in public places, NOT to sit so that you can see your underpants, etc.will remain. Since a person is a social being and there are norms of social behavior. So that everything is perfectly correct. Well, no underwear should stick out. Neither men nor women.

  3. If it says that she should not sit with her legs apart because she is a girl, and this is “indecent” for her, then this is sexist. Sandra Boehm also wrote that women are expected to take up less space than men. Some men sit with their legs spread wide apart, interfering with others, because of such ideas, considering it a confirmation of their masculinity and proceeding from selfishness. As already answered, you can indicate that such behavior is selfish regardless of gender, if it interferes with others. You can also say that it is wrong when men do this, and criticize the double standards in this matter.

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