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  1. Love is based primarily on acceptance. On the fact that you know a person, understand their feelings and actions, and can empathize with them. Love can lose its power or fade away, meaning you don't have to experience it all the time. But if you really know the person, his essence, his being, then when you meet him again, you will look at him, and you will feel warm in your soul, as if the smoldering ember has again received a breath of air. You will see something familiar and familiar, remember the moments of intimacy. No, love can't end. Love, passion, or desire can end. But love will remain smouldering. Once you really know a person, you can't stop loving them. You won't be indifferent to him. If something had passed, it wasn't her.

  2. does love end?

    this is a feeling, the feeling of a person who is full and wants to create something new in their life by falling in love.
    there is an addiction. and there is love. addiction – when, after many years, something clicked in your head and you stopped being attracted to a person.

    love – when after many years you prepare dinner for your loved one after a difficult and difficult day

  3. Love does not end, the objects of love change.

    If you're out of love, you're either crazy or dead.

    This is my opinion, of course;)

  4. Often, love is idealized and viewed as a separate object, endowed with power and mystical power. If you treat love as a feeling or a combination of different feelings, then the question will lose its meaning .Чувства Feelings are experienced for a certain period in relation to someone. This period has a beginning and an end. The process of experiencing ends, but the ability to love does not.�

    With a long-term relationship with love, various metamorphoses can occur. Initially, seasoned with passion, strong sexual attraction, and the need for affection, it becomes gentle, grateful, and calm. But this is no less important. The set is individual and not stable. And even if what is experienced for a partner no longer smells like love, but something else, but harmonious and stable holding the relationship, then the couple does not have to part just because there is no love.�

    The tasks of different relationship cycles are different. And it is quite natural to experience different feelings in different periods.

  5. Duc all ends. And love, too.
    No, if you need to write an essay on the topic of romantic love, then certainly love is longer than eternity, higher than the sky, brighter than the stars, etc. etc.
    And in real life, it ends very much.

    It's good that at least this happens.

  6. First, you need to decide what kind of “love” the author of the question is asking about. Because there are dozens of such types. You can love your mother, or you can love beer. You can love your homeland, or you can love fishing…

    The mechanisms of formation of each attachment are similar, but the perception is different. Love for parents and children in most cases is quite stable and the longest lasting.

    Everything ends. Even money. But that doesn't mean they didn't exist. 🙂

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