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  1. .. definitely not for anything..Don't create social parasites around your own neck.It will be harmonious only with those who, like you, are able to take on some responsibility, not only for their own but also for your actions and decisions.The rest of the connections are “slag”… not bringing anything positive, after the direct benefit is lost.

  2. A human is a social (herd) animal, and the need for communication is inherent in it by nature/God. Those who have been in solitary confinement prefer a shared cell with any contingent to a solitary one.

  3. You'd think anyone in the universe would care about your problems. Who needs them: trees in the forest, grass in the field, cats or dogs in the yard, stars in the sky, earth, air…. to whom? Who or what else are you going to avoid interacting with for this reason? In order for someone to truly care about you, about all your joys and sorrows, successes and failures, you must be loved, and truly sincerely and selflessly, by anyone: smart,stupid, beautiful, ugly,thin, fat,greedy,generous,kind, evil,weak, strong,sick, healthy,coward, hero,mediocre, genius… Do you know many of them? I think only God and your parents can do that. Everyone else, of course, will also love you, but not so much, but always for something : for your moral and physical qualities, for your care, for your money…. yes, you never know for what else. So get used to the idea that the only person who was with you from the very beginning and will be with you until the end is yourself. And put your trust first in God and in yourself, and in all others, insofar as you can. �

    PS especially for atheists: you can hope for luck, although it is also from God.

  4. A psychologically healthy person does not communicate with people in order to solve their problems: they solve their own problems )

    And if you solve your own problems, then you can easily afford, say, to help others solve their problems, if they need it, and you are asked to do so… What is not a reason for communication?

  5. People don't care about your problems,everyone cares about the benefits of communicating with a person(in this case, with you)

    so I don't see any point in telling my friends,you can do it to a psychologist for a tick and no more

  6. You should not accept your life only as a painful one, starting from the fact that you were born in Russia, you receive a PO with the size of the minimum wage, and ending with the fact that people around you are bastards and no one understands you.

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