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  1. As the name implies, psychology is not about the mind, but about the soul: about the specific phenomenology of consciousness and the unconscious, about the practical emotional and ethical problems that a person faces in life, and about the behavior that a person manifests according to his mental (soul) structure.

    Psychology can be represented as the interaction of three main approaches:

    1. Behaviorism: The first and simplest thing science did with the soul when it felt empowered was to measure physiological responses to stimuli. This is how well-known discoveries were made, for example, Pavlov studied reflexes, and modern NLP is also close to this approach (although it has been enriched with elements of other trends). What happens inside the psyche – behaviorists are not interested in principle, they are interested in a specific reaction and behavior, specific actions that the creature shows under specific external conditions
    2. Psychoanalysis: then science looked into the inner world and found that behavior cannot be understood without unconscious complexes of reactions that once formed and act without direct relation to both the current situation and the rational assessment of the situation: for some reason, we just do something-unconsciously. There they also reached objective universal archetypes, etc.
    3. Rational / humanistic / cognitive psychology: when a lot of schools of psychoanalysis finally got people suspicious about “hidden motives” where it is necessary and where it is not necessary, psychology finally turned to the simple and very old idea that a person is a conscious being in the first place (and animals also have an unconscious one). The human way of being is understanding, proactivity, a person can overcome both physical conditions and unconscious complexes out of a higher need for self-actualization (awareness).

    And what is the mind-as well as in general what is a particular subject-is a philosophical question, not a scientific one. And psychology specifically emerged as a scientific discipline, it did not attempt to unravel the nature of the mind and does not undertake to do so.

  2. What do any specialists do if no one knows and understands ABSOLUTELY EXACTLY and DEEPLY what their profession is?

    The MIND has been studied thoroughly enough-in terms of knowing its properties-to be practically productive. Similarly for other difficult concepts.

  3. We may not know what the mind is-in the philosophical sense-but it doesn't interfere with the work of psychologists.They solve specific problems of specific people, and sometimes very successfully.We don't really understand what space and time are, but that doesn't stop us from running trains and flying planes..

  4. I just don't understand how the mind can be connected to psychology. Is it like blaming science for studying the history of waste? And economy – by income! Or to accuse a person of selfishness, for the fact that he carries his tests to the clinic, and does not even ask the neighbors: how long have they passed them? purely humanly, you can ask how feces, urine? This is just human, as a continuation: Hello! If you want health, then bring your question to the end? Does the person think you're really interested in their health? We are what we eat, and you are a psychologist or a narcologist does not matter, because at the exit you get what was at the entrance! What we are fed is what we go by, and by steamer or under sail, or on a large scale-it already depends on our mind, what the ship is called – so it will sail! Psychology is an idealistic science, and analysis is a materialistic one! I propose to call science Syanalysis!

  5. The point is, dear friend… What a person almost always understands incorrectly, such beautiful concepts as Mind in fact, Mind! Contemplation, Transcendence… These forms have a strict orientation, and a purely personal face. And of course they should interact in ( the team) Without understanding this, it will turn out to be funny at least. Well, psychologists are most often engaged in divination (the method of scientific poke). No hits? Agree, without seeing a more complete picture, it is difficult and rather incorrect to judge the full format! And besides, that a person is purely individual! No guys they are not bad, and even in some earthly “wise”… But the aspect of spirituality, nor for all is the main criterion in Truth! Why in the truth? Because it is extremely important for a person to find out the true reasons for this or that action. With respect … Commander!

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