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  1. Through their intuition.

    Feelings and intuition are the channel that everyone has access to. This channel does not depend on race, gender, age, or status; it is the same for everyone.

    We can say that this is our “dedicated line” with God.

    And the beauty is that each of us already has it, although we don't always listen to it. Therefore, it often happens that we know what to do, but the mind overcomes this small voice inside and then, looking back, we say to ourselves: “I knew it!”

    And this channel is already leading each of us to get rid of all problems.

    Problems are not a necessary condition of life. On the contrary, problems are an inefficient use of energy, which means that there can be no problems in the perfect structure of the universe.

    We create problems for ourselves when we struggle with what is, with life, and tell ourselves that our life should be different.

    If we eliminate this mindset, if we stop thinking that way and accept everything that happens to us, then the problems will disappear.

  2. I myself believe that saving even a single person from any problems is a fundamentally incorrect task. Because the only exact solution is to make a person a clinical idiot and provide them with the perfect care. For a number of reasons, I will not list them here.

    And how to do it if I go crazy, or I have happily combined ignorance and thirst for activity (madness and courage))), – yes, to establish a religion.

    That's usually what everyone does.

  3. You see, I-as a physicist-basically understand that nothing is absolute. Therefore, there can be no absolute knowledge. But WHY DO PEOPLE NEED to know how to get rid of problems ? A lot of people “pray” for their problems. Only difficulties teach us to move forward-to learn new things, to learn new things. No third-party experience will play such a role as overcoming an obstacle on your own. Therefore, people do not need to know how to get rid of problems at all. Those who want to-they are looking, and running after people and telling them -how to get rid of problems ? Absolutely not necessary. I help people-who want to solve their problems-by communicating in the most universal way. No one has come up with anything else yet-but you need to WANT to hear it at least,

  4. Humans are not capable of such an absolute. But many narrow specialists can warn against serious troubles. For example, seismologists. What do the authorities do to evacuate people from dangerous areas? They use all possible means to notify the population, create collection points, organize transport, and so on.

    But many people do not want to believe, to delve, to think about the consequences. They'll catch on too late and die. History knows a lot of such facts related to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, in Chernobyl or during the last Covid-19 pandemic.

    You asked this question in 16. Perhaps now, observing the widespread worldwide quarantine in connection with the coronavirus, you already know how the warning notification occurs and with what results. I feel very sorry for the doctors who followed all the rules, but died.

    There is another good example: how to deliver an important life-saving message to people. By word of mouth; this is the way Jesus Christ uses it now. He sends his Christians to talk about the wonderful changes that are planned on earth-eternal life in paradise conditions that will take place on earth after the Last Judgment. According to the verdict of this court, those who do not want to delve into the good news, get acquainted with God, and choose the opposing side will die.:

    “For it is just for God to repay those who offend you with tribulation.”

    And to you who are offended, I will be a joy with us,

    In the appearance of the Lord Jesus Christ from heaven, with the Angels of His power,

    In the blazing fire of vengeance

    Those who do not know God and do not submit to the good news of the Lord

    Jesus Christ, who will be subject to the punishment of eternal perdition

    From the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might “(2 Thess.

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