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  1. I do not know how this is possible, because the scientific method is only suitable for studying this world in the form in which it is given to us. Moreover, any of our knowledge exists only within this world, so even if we go to another world, it is unlikely that it will be useful there. Perhaps this is why it is not particularly necessary, so it is difficult to imagine why to carry it with you – with such luggage you will not pass through the eye of a needle.

  2. No way, I still wouldn't want to move to another world without too good a reason. Lose everything you've earned here and all your friends and everything else to start over there… This is a way out for those who have everything extremely bad here, but since they will know for sure that there will be another world and another chance, then everyone will move at the first difficulties and do it indefinitely, because in another world something may not happen. As a result, there is a possibility that sooner or later everyone will be happy, but most likely everyone will just be unhappy and there will be no technological development because it will still have to somehow reach it through huge factories and factories and mines where it is very difficult to work, and who wants this if they know that they can try to achieve more there and so on ad infinitum…

    In short, a dead end.

  3. I don't need any scientific evidence, and I know that life and death are one and the same thing. I have an excellent idea of everything and no one can convince me otherwise. At my age, rushing is dangerous, worrying is harmful, trusting is difficult, and it's too late to be afraid. I live for my own pleasure and enjoy everything!!! with respect.

  4. In my opinion, that religion, that all kinds of cultures (of all countries), that traditions, customs are human psychology, everything is invented by people in order to make life more interesting )))) someone suffers, someone is happy , it all depends on how the child's brain is fucked up from childhood, no matter parents or OCD society, and he will go through life . The death of a person, it exists, but there is no life after it, the only thing that after the death of a person's body, the process of rotting self-destruction occurs, where bacteria eat, that's the continuation of life, and everything else is psychology, fairy tales, because for some people it's hard to realize that after death this is all! So, help each other, taking care of your loved ones will save this world, take care of yourself and try to be happy

  5. Science is still a religion) Scientific evidence is mostly just hypotheses. Why is it so important to you that someone from outside says, decides for you whether there is death or not?

    How do our own discoveries affect us? What changed after realizing the inevitability of death or its absence.

  6. Why think about something that is highly unlikely to happen? In this life, there are enough more relevant and interesting problems that you can break your head over. And the question of life after death is illustrated by another simple question :where does the light go when the bulb is blown out?

  7. There is no death without proof. My death will be noticed and felt only by other people. I can't. And the transition to another world? This is then just a parting with loved ones. And with your loved ones, you can regulate communication right now, without waiting for the “transition” or death.

  8. Actually, there is some evidence – these are such phenomena as Peak in Darien, children's ADC, and the practice of “keywords or phrases” that are very common now in the English-speaking environment, which must be passed on to the first person who crossed over to the Other Side, who remained here through a THIRD person who knows nothing about such a contract. Quite often, such phenomena occur.

    To go There is happiness. There's LIFE THERE. This is a bad dream.

    This is well known to those who have already been on the Other Side.

    I've been there. I know.

    How did it affect you? People who know in practice, and not from mental reasoning, thatTHERE is NO DEATH, they stop being completely afraid of death.

    This is FREEDOM.

  9. No way. This is a new world. Judging by the fact that the transition is (hypothetical) one-sided, then everything is different there and a person built on life in this world in another can be shocked, both from the possibilities and from the sensations.

  10. Science has proven that there is death. And the existence of death does not require other evidence or any special education for this purpose, except for those signs that already exist. A person dies gradually. Diseases old age and death. Polyclinics, pharmacies, and hospitals. The presence of morgues, cemeteries, the pain of losing a loved one and the fear of death proves the existence of death. And here the Bible is consistent with science, with what happens after death. According to the Holy Scriptures, the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing:

    “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing …” (Eccl. 9: 5)

    The dead don't know anything because they don't have thinking. Life is a gift from God, and death is the absence of this gift.

    “…for sin is death, but the gift of God is life … ” (Rom. 6: 23)

    What was before birth, then after death. A dead person does not continue to live somewhere else, but he is in an unconscious state. For this reason, the Bible encourages you to do what you can during your lifetime, since after death there is no knowledge, wisdom, or deeds.:

    “Whatever your hand can do, do with all your might; for in the grave where you are going, there is no work, no meditation, no knowledge, no wisdom” (Ecclesiastes 9: 10).

    Jesus also compared death to sleep:

    “After he had said this, he said to them,' Our friend Lazarus has fallen asleep, but I am going to wake him up. His disciples said, ” Lord! if he falls asleep, he will recover. Jesus was talking about his death, and they thought He was talking about an ordinary dream. Then Jesus said plainly to them, “Lazarus is dead” (John 11: 11-14).

    The dead do not know anything, and are in a state of sleep. When we sleep, we don't know what's going on around us. The state of a dead person is similar to that of a dead animal. The Bible says:

    “for the fate of the sons of men and the fate of the animals is the same: as they die, so do these also, and all have one breath, and man has no advantage over the cattle, for all is vanity! All things go to one place: all things are made of dust, and all things will return to dust” (Ecclesiastes 3: 19,20).

    Thus, the Bible does not support the doctrine of the afterlife of many religions, but it is consistent with science. However, perhaps the question arises, will the person live again? Would you like to know what the Bible says about this?

  11. I know there are other worlds. I can go out there while I sleep. And death really doesn't exist. How does this affect me? I understand that in this world I play a character like in a game. And there, somewhere far away, is my real home. Do I want to be here? No, because there are more opportunities in those worlds. But not everything is as simple as it seems at first glance, alas.

  12. There is a 2017 film “Discovery” on this topic. It shows quite objectively what people will do when they learn about the reality of the afterlife.

    Of course, in the story, millions of people kill themselves in the hope of starting over. I'm sure it will.


  13. No way, because that's the way it is. I am much more interested in the question-why only on our planet in the infinite space surrounding us, biological life was formed and exists only here, on this planet. This is interesting, and so far science is not up to the task of answering it.

  14. If this is the case, when a large number of people find out about it, no one will be left here at the same time. Well, to see what's behind the clouds or beyond the horizon….; -)

  15. We pass into another world after death,we remember everything,or rather the experience that we have acquired remains.The soul develops while in the body,It needs experience, and not a huge memory of what happened.Since the experience

    this is different from the event that needs to be remembered,the connection between memory and body

    obviously, it is connected with the body, and the experience that the soul has gained with it.The more experience,the more developed the soul.Nothing in our life would have been gained by it.

    since the entry of an entity into the body does not occur immediately, this is determined by

    very many factors,the moment of death, the development of the soul, what level in the energy plan it occupies.Geniuses can't be born

    every day….Nothing can change for a particular soul, unravel it

    it won't be possible for a long time yet…

  16. What savings on funerals and wakes! I lay down, folded my hands on my stomach, then got up and went to another world. And then I punched my neighbor in the ear, because I didn't forget that he took his wife away and, in general, owes you a tidy sum. Something like that. And what's so good about it?

  17. Don't look for evidence in science! Just take it on faith that there is no death!
    But at the expense of “we remember everything” – this is unlikely…
    About the memory of water molecules, you certainly heard, after freezing the memory is erased…
    It remains to determine the material carrier of the soul. And then we can assume that it can be preserved.

  18. There is such a thing.�You call it the path to God. It's just self-discovery. We know ourselves.

    Heavily. Studying for more than 20 years.and so. All these answers are there.

    The knowledge of reincarnation will not change your life. You live depending on your habits. Simply put, you build your own world. By the way, the number of habits is large. More than 50.

    The only thing that will change is that those who have heard something there will increase the number of suicides.and that's not a fact. For the very reason that you are trying to play against a psychologist who has been doing psychology for millions of years. And you haven't even heard of it. Everything is fair there. According to the rules. but you don't want to know these rules.

    if you want to answer the question of whether there is life after death. Answer a simple question. Why children are born different. They all seem to be the same. But no. They're all different. why? “This can't be happening” is not the answer. This is a refusal to respond. It's just that your brain isn't ready to respond. I call this an unanswered question. You don't have an answer in your head. That's why you won't answer ..

  19. Sure. I would choose which world is better, and which one is better to target. Based on this, I would adjust my future. For example, I would like to go to Valhalla or its equivalent, but not to a peaceful, harmless world without worries.

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