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  1. No, it's fine.

    In a sense, there really is a different person there. You are the one who looks, and you see-the object outside. And in fact, all our other experience, except for observing our own images, says that someone who is not me is outside.

    Well, our psyche can play what is called “estrangement” in the literature, and in transactional analysis (one of the areas of psychotherapy, this is where Bern from “Games that people play”, etc.) – “the Martian view”. That is, to look at the well-known, as at the first seen, alien, strange, ” a Martian has arrived and is looking.”�

    And-yet, this is already from psychosynthesis, also a direction created by one of the followers/heretics from Freud, Roberto Assaj (and)oli (we have different transcriptions for his last name). He has a separate technique for realizing that we are not something so continuous and unchanging, “Disidentification”:”I have a body, but I am not my body. I feel emotions, but I don't have those emotions. I have a mind, but I am not my mind.”

    psychologos.rupsychologos.ruThat is, we can say that you are spontaneously engaged in these very distortions-disidentifications. You can now do this even more purposefully and consciously for your own benefit)

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