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  1. And what a doomsday night, maybe a doomsday. So steal for your health, then you will face God's judgment and make the situation of your soul worse.
    So why steal iPhones XS?

  2. And if you survive?

    After all, someone will have to live in a renewed world! And how can you do without iPhones? Moreover, they will not be released for some time after that.

    If you are presented with a claim, explain that you stole only one iPhone for yourself, and in general it is an old brand (not even XS), and you are going to distribute the rest to the suffering.

    Of course, you have to think so in reality – because, on the Day of Judgment, excuses will not work, you will be seen through.

    PS. But at night, it is better not to roam around unnecessarily – at this time, all the previously deceased will be resurrected, and you will feel uncomfortable.

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