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  1. When the youngest grandchild was born, he had a serious pathology that required special care. The older sister was very jealous, always asking: why was he born? As soon as he learned to speak, he asked his father: WHY DID THEY GIVE BIRTH TO ME? My dad and I didn't know what to say, so he answered it himself: PROBABLY TO LOVE ME?

    By Clive Lewis in the book “Christianity”. Perhaps the creation of time and space was necessary for God to create multiplicity. To have more personalities, more love. Christians believe that ” God is love.” That people are called to become sons of God.

  2. GOD and man are inextricably linked. The human head carries a Brain that works constantly without interruptions and pauses, even when the person is asleep. The result of the Brain's work is that the Mind moves into God as the guardian and ruler of the Mind. So it's like this: there will be no Brain and there will be no Mind, and vice versa.

  3. God created man for a relationship with Him. This is indicated by two main commandments:
    Teacher! what is the greatest commandment in the law? Jesus said to him,” You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, “which is the first and greatest commandment; and the second is like it:” You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
    (Matthew 22: 36-40)
    To put it simply, God wanted to create a family of similar creatures.
    Therefore, people are constantly looking for love, or some kind of substitute. And so a person is valuable not as a function, but as a person.

  4. And who said that they are needed?

    There are cockroaches, too, but no one needs them.

    The word need must be accompanied by the subject who needs it. Does God need people if He created them? Maybe we're a waste product from making a glass of cognac. With a slice of lemon.

    What's the difference, by the way!?

  5. Of course, God Himself can
    do everything and multiply Himself into a multitude of Himself – equally powerful and Whole-and know Himself

    But people-or rather their souls (essence) – are part (part of God) as a drop is part of the Ocean

    Still, the Ocean and the drop are different

    so God created people for diversity and new experiences

    Still, people who are limited can create something new
    and enrich the experience of God

    yes, and God is pleased to have a relationship with small particles �- one of many types of relationships

    how can I tell?

    yes, if only because I am created in the image and likeness of God according to the Bible
    , and in the Vedas you can learn much more about the desire and activity of God

  6. The most sympathetic version (which Pelevin flashes here and there, for example): it is through us, through our eyes, ears and brains, that God learns this world created by Him, and He has no other way of knowing. That is, we are such drones that give the Lord “intelligence information” about the world He has created. Probably, no one doubts that counting all the information from each of us is not the slightest difficulty for God?

  7. God needs people as creatures who can potentially reach the level of the Creator himself. It's like normal parents want their children to become adults like them

  8. Rather, quite the opposite. If there are people, why do they need God ? It is impossible for any spiritual entity to exist at all without “energy recharge”. There are no believers – the deity is thinned out and goes irrevocably into oblivion, it is impossible to return it, as well as to revive the dead gods, it will still turn out something like a theatrical performance instead of a true service, how not to puff up. A good example is attempts to reanimate the state religion. At the exit – a bunch of “true believers” plus crowds of “visitors” for the holidays. Ergo-there is no Man – there is no God, whatever one may say. Amen.

  9. According to Hinduism, the material world and the people who inhabit it are a separate energy of God, i.e. in most cases, God does not interfere in the course of the history of the material world, since this world is just created as an illusion of a world where there is no God. And in this sense, God does not need people. However, each person is a soul-a piece of God that has left the spiritual world. And that's why God needs us very much as souls, so he (God) regularly sends his representatives (prophets, saints) to the material world or even comes himself in various forms and incarnations to remind people of himself and that he is very much waiting for us in the spiritual world full of eternity, knowledge and bliss.

  10. The question is probably, ” Why does God need people?”�

    He needs Them just as a Lover needs His Beloved. Technically, in order to exist and be content, God does not need a Person, He may well forget a Person, and yet He does not want to.�

    Love explains all His motives, and His main goal is to save humanity from sin by leading all people, without exception, after Healing through the cleansing fire, to the bliss of co-existence and co-creation with Him.�

    The mystical union between Christ and the Church, described in the Song of Songs, is just about this Love.

  11. Religious theories are much more numerous than religions and confessions, and here I will only briefly touch on one of the most important Western Christian concepts, summarized in the first distinction (section) of the second of the” Four Books of Maxims “of the outstanding scholar of the XII century Peter of Lombardy:” man was created “to compensate for the damage caused by the fall of Angels.”

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