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  1. The problem with the pragmatist theory of truth is that utility is subjective and therefore not true. Not only can what is useful to you not be useful to me, and such subjectivity does not fit well with the concept of truth, but you can also be mistaken about whether something is useful to you. How do you know that something is truly useful?

  2. Truth has only one utility – in its knowledge. And whether this knowledge is useful or not is purely subjective. Sometimes they say that the person is not always ready to accept… The truth.

  3. The terminally ill person will die. This is the truth. What's the use? In an accurate forecast of what's coming? Perhaps. What's next? Not all connections in logic and philosophy work both ways.
    It's like sophistry. Socrates is alive, the cat is alive, hence Socrates is a cat. Maybe I didn't understand the question or am incompetent.

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