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  1. It is believed that consciousness is a quality that only humans are endowed with among the listed living organisms, so I assume that “consciousness” in the sense of ” endowed with consciousness “(at a level close to human) is not applicable to a cat, a crow, or a shrimp, and most likely to a chimpanzee-also (at least at the time of “emergence”). This is explained by the fact that the emergence of consciousness is associated with the presence of detailed structured speech, due to which the brain can perceive and systematize external events and anticipate their consequences.

  2. From my purely subjective point of view:
    Chimpanzee, cat and crow – yes.
    Shrimp is a difficult question, probably not.
    Freedom and consciousness are not particularly connected, but rather the connection is mediated through the possibility of choice. And this very possibility of choice is the criterion of having freedom, imho.

    Let me clarify: consciousness is a rather vague term, and apparently different people understand the meaning of this word somewhat differently. With the ability to choose, everything is much easier. Higher mammals, and oddly enough crows, have the ability to choose one or another behavior, one or another reaction to external circumstances, and can even play (i.e., perform actions that are obviously useless with the so-called bio-survival). Shrimps are not developed enough for this.
    Freedom is a condition for making such a choice. Therefore, if there is a choice , then there is freedom.

  3. Everything is relative. A person has free will, too, very relatively. On the one hand, he can do what he wants, but on the other hand, he understands that everything has its consequences and does not do much because he follows the strict rules of society.
    And animals act as they want (as they are told by nature, as they are told by the hormonal background in a given period of time.)

    So, in fact, it is animals that are more free.
    Conscious… Well, it depends on how you look at it. Most people are not conscious. As a clear example, Google the term “reverse rationalization”…

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