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  1. I recommend searching for the word “consciousness”. There were a lot of interesting discussions on the site. Including this question.

    And so – how do you feel, if you make your clone, then you can be killed?

    In my opinion, obviously not. You are you, and your clone is another person who looks like you.

    Consciousness is not a memory (which can be copied), consciousness is a process that operates, among other things, with memory.

  2. No, you can't create a completely identical person. Minimal differences, however, will be, and thoughts, so it is generally impossible to repeat. In general, this is essentially the ship of Theseus. Only on the example of a living being.

  3. The question should be put differently! Will the clone have a MIND??? Look for the answer in science fiction.. Is it unambiguous-NO? The body is created, and it can be repeated, through cloning… or from atoms, molecules, cells! A memory can be embedded in the clone's brain, and a response system (with speech and meaningful movements)can be “downloaded” into it That is all. You can clone your wife (the woman you like.) Next, by hammering information with artificial intelligence into it…. etc., make it what you need. The question of where you will end up after the death of your body by doing this is rhetorical!!!!!

  4. There is a fundamental law of nature: two identical particles-waves cannot be simultaneously in the same place. You can only create a clone in a different location. Accordingly, it will interact with the universe in a different way, will be a different part of the universe, and will not be equal to the original. Even if we make two identical robots programmed to push a button once a second, and turn them on at the same time, after a while their actions will diverge, because they are in different conditions, different magnetic field of the earth, different gravity, different air flows, etc. This difference may seem negligible, but over a long time distance it will become obvious. Therefore, a clone is just a new similar, but independent person.

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