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  1. For several reasons. I will list the main ones.�
    – I have a family here, relatives and close friends, some of whom do not want to leave, some of whom cannot
    – I have a great desire to live in my Homeland no worse than in the West and a rather modest hope that this is still possible

    Yes, there is also the language and cultural environment (however, English as a second native language), potential difficulties with finding employment and settling in a new place, the presence of property here, etc.but these are all small things that, in the case of one or another resolution of the first two points, will not affect the decision in any way.

  2. Question: where is better?

    If the conditions are more comfortable somewhere, it does not mean that you can sell everything and try to buy a similar home and get bonuses from changing your place.

    The most unpleasant thing is the realization that no one is waiting for you there and no one needs you.�

    This happens in the mildest case. In practice, this is somewhat different. The locals don't like strangers, and they can explain to you unobtrusively that you are superfluous at this celebration of life.

  3. I like it, so I'm not leaving here 😉

    And others can have anything in their head.

    But most often (according to the experience of friends) it is not possible to leave and maintain in another country the standard of living to which they are accustomed in their own country.

    The language, kmk, is not the biggest problem. As a rule, the one who wants to, will master it.

  4. This question is not for me. Because I'm not leaving. But I will answer. There was a time when I was offered to leave, get a residence permit in one of the European countries. Then I traveled a lot in Europe. And, of course, I began to understand how comfortable it would be for me to live there. I realized that it wasn't. To find comfort, you need to be born there. Or grow up there from childhood. As it turned out, I didn't like everything. Only later did I realize that I loved my country too much, with all its shortcomings and advantages, to go somewhere else.

  5. PETER, older people have a purely adult and mercantile reason, and not at all lyrical, political, or any other “childish” (under the motto “like/dislike”).�

    For example, the apartment of a friend of mine, which she could sell for the sake of leaving “this country”, as you wrote in your question, would have cost about 260 thousand CU five years ago, and now the cost of this apartment is at best approx.80 thousand Yandex units, and 80 thousand Yandex units is 15-20% lower than the price for which the apartment was purchased at the time.�

    The difference in cost is quite significant. And the apartment will be on sale (at best) for a year and a half, during which time it will become even more devalued. This is only about real estate, with the rest of the picture is about the same.�

    This friend calls herself nothing more than an”economic hostage”. And she's right.

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