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  1. I would buy shares of all the campaigns that are on the market. When this day is over, it will be possible to practically manage the global economy.


  2. I would transfer money to other bank cards that are valid for 2 years, and then I would live like a king for a long time. And so in one day you can have time to buy the most expensive apartment, car, yacht, house, plane and helicopter.

  3. Guys the world is ruled by money and all the money from the Jews of the Rothschilds and the like, they zazhralis to such an extent that they are deprived of people just do not need so they come up with different diseases to destroy people who do not fit into the market

  4. I would have destroyed it immediately. Using such a map would lead to chaos and almost the death of civilization. And the most important question is, if there is such a map, then there may be others. Kayak to humanity, the world will perish in the flames of economic and political conflicts.

    Do not fall for the devil's tricks, all peace and prosperity.

  5. You can't figure it out right away… I would pay off my own, my husband's, and my son's mortgages. I would have hired a tutor for my grandson. Then I would visit nursing homes and help the elderly in a very thoughtful and targeted way. It is a pity that in 1 day you can not buy a house on the sea, otherwise I would have done this, this is my unfulfilled dream. I would pay a year's rent in advance to a music teacher so that I could study on my own, which is also one of my unfulfilled dreams. I think I've listed them all. Yes, I would have paid the Tajiks for repairs at the dacha. They're out of work, they can't leave because of Covid, and I'd like to have a present by spring. In short, everything material comes to mind.

  6. And I wouldn't buy anything, just transferred as much as I needed to another bank card and that's it. And I would give it to the officials, otherwise they always don't have enough money. Only these are fairy tales, this can not be.

  7. “…Money can buy shoes, but not happiness, food, but not appetite, bed, but not sleep, medicine, but not health, servants, but not friends, entertainment, but not joy, teachers, but not intelligence.” I'm not a dreamer, so I don't need any money!!! With respect.

  8. Another card …and I would transfer a certain amount to it with a longer validity period.)And then it would be possible to solve other issues and engage in setting and solving goals. Moreover, the number of people who want financial assistance would increase dramatically)))… In general, these are all fairy tales.

  9. Realty. As long as I can manage. In Spain, Croatia, China, Montenegro, Switzerland, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Japan, and America. The main thing is to have time to make transactions ) Real estate quickly )))

  10. I would have bought everything. I would spend the entire 24 hours browsing the Internet and shopping. I would buy stocks, bonds, gold, silver, lithium, sodium, sugar, buckwheat. In general, I would break the entire market, raise prices up and at the end of the day I would definitely be killed by the riot police while trying to detain me. Such cases, oh, these unlimited cards. 🤕

  11. Nothing. You won't have time to buy anything substantial in that time. Everywhere you will have to prove the origin of this money. And for small things, you can buy anything you want. You can just go through all the stores and buy everything you like with delivery, so to speak, get pleasure from shopping. And that's it!

  12. Gazprom shares, cryptocurrency, a house in Switzerland, would pay for his sons ' education in Oxford, and would transfer a lot of money to children's foundations and charities.

  13. First, I would go to all the ATMs in my city and withdraw as much money as I could. Then I would do the same in all the branches of all the banks in my city. I would spend the rest of the day opening savings deposits in various banks, including(and mostly) non-Russian ones, and transfer money there, according to the maximum daily limits. All this in order to get the maximum amount of money out of this card. That is all. After that, you can calmly, and slowly, slowly get a visa, go to Switzerland, open accounts in local famous banks, transfer money there, and live quite well on interest.

  14. I would buy myself immortality.
    If there is an infinite amount of money, then why not an infinite number of years? If you organize a foundation or institute that would deal with the issues of immortality, and transfer them money from this card, then sooner or later they will discover the secret of immortality.

  15. I would buy an apartment. my dad's car and my mom a beautiful gold chain.

    my brother has a phone and a computer. and cats have toys.

    and I would like to have fashionable clothes, and a phone. and for small things, food, rent.

  16. The most useful thing is to create a new society. You can invest money in a city project. Cities that will be fully functional with minimal human involvement. You can also invest a day to create a new infrastructure and social security system. Money can be invested in the creation of farms where food will be grown. It is also better to invest in technology (long-lasting). Here's something like that.

  17. If an infinite amount of money is 22,000,000 tenge, then I would buy a 4-room apartment for 19,000,000 tenge and a sauna for 1,500,000 tenge in the country.

  18. First of all, so five million to a pension account, 10 kg of platinum 10 kg of gold A house in Australia a plot of land in Australia for gold mining 😁 ✌ ️this is enough


  20. The question is initially incorrect, so the answer to it does not make sense. There is no infinite amount of money. And the validity period of one day is from the category of jokes.

  21. You don't have time to buy everything you need in ONE day…red tape doesn't allow it. So I would go to the bank and buy 100 physical gold and a couple of billion worth of gold shares. .. we continue to live, go to work, and raise a child… financially independent. voila!…

  22. I would buy myself a new phone, lots of clothes, a ride home, a new bike, clothes for my mom, a new watch for my dad, a toy gun for my brother. To make my family happy.

  23. Hello, I would like to buy myself a new phone, a lot of clothes, I'm going home. Mom clothes, dad a new watch, my brother a toy gun. To make my family happy.

  24. I would buy the entire territory of Belarus and offer the entire current administration to leave it in 24 hours. Idealism, of course. But what is the question, is the answer

  25. Would buy a lot of bitcoins. Maybe even everything, if possible. Then when the credit card goes out, I'll be a very rich man. And then I can do everything at all. I can buy myself a villa in a warm country, and a car. And there already by necessity and / or desire

  26. it is better to take the pin code from this card, because the piece of plastic itself will still be lying and no one will take it yet, so you will have the opportunity to take 2 purchases for one!

  27. I would buy a big house, a gazelle car, a poultry farm and a lot of poultry feed,greenhouses and a lot of tomato, cucumber and flower seeds,put a hundred million rubles into my account at interest and give half of it for the treatment of children and adults. I would open a boarding house for pensioners

  28. I would have been able to use these funds for a longer period of time .This solves the problem of the initial condition. And the question will move to another plane.

  29. Housing is spacious, a car for the family, furniture and appliances that would furnish housing that is bought, for children all sorts of toys that are for development

  30. I would buy the national debt of Russia. And completely. I think this is the best investment for today. I and my children will have enough for the rest of our lives. Well, you can nominate yourself as a candidate…)))

  31. It's not the money that matters, but the opportunities it provides. Many people don't understand this at all. And many people do not realize that money has become fiat at the moment. The money is not backed by anything. Take your bills and check them out for yourself. They should say that they are backed with precious metals or something else. But alas, there is no such thing. Cryptocurrency is also fiat money only not physical but virtual. Let's move on. All created paper and metal money is the property of the “state” bank. This means that they do not fully belong to the person who uses them. If you dig even deeper, it turns out that the state bank is not exactly a state bank. This is a private bank registered over the hill. Like all other “state” structures. Let's move on. People who buy property with fiat money also do not own the right to it. Only the ownership document is given. These documents only give the right, but not the property. As a result, we have the fact that people do not have real money and also do not own anything. Even if you give a person an unlimited card for one day, and tell them to spend as much money as they want. Then all the same, everything bought does not wake up to belong to the person who bought something.

  32. I would make my dream come true by buying myself a beach house in Florida, where I would spend my old age, after which I would probably buy out some large company (like Amazon, because the money limit is unlimited, but only for one day)

  33. The question is not quite correct, what do you mean by one day? A day? If it is a day, then I would divide it into 6 parts of 4 hours each for the following points:: 1 parents, what they themselves once did not buy, would buy.
    2 children, just stupidly 4 hours would withdraw money as much as I could.
    3 those whom I consider friends, I would remove the maximum.
    4 strangers, abandoned sick kids, I would withdraw everything, there would be enough horseradish on the card money.
    5 I would spend gas all over the village
    6 I would buy a license to shoot deputies.

  34. I would buy all 51% of the world's economy, i.e. all stocks and bonds and gold. This will provoke the collapse of many companies in countries and so on for one day, but in a couple of months or years, the situation will stabilize and I will simply become the owner of the world. And I will be able to do whatever I want I will not even need money because I have shares in all countries in all areas. It will be possible to build flying cars, rockets that can fly to Mars, deep water boats that allow you to be at the bottom of the ocean, and many other cool projects.

  35. I'll take out a billion,for example, and distribute it to different banks,and then I'll think slowly about what to do with such wealth. And then I'll use them to buy something that brings passive income-apartments, shares.I'll save it for a vacation,and I'll save it for my children's education.

  36. Since large purchases (real estate, companies, etc.) usually take more than one day, I would just withdraw as much money as possible from this card. And then I would take my time buying houses, investing in space x, and traveling

  37. The keyword is “if”. I WOULD buy mushrooms. In general, questions of this type are rhetorical. They do not require either an answer or thinking about the solution. Mushrooms.

  38. I bought a billion bitcoins and cashed out $ 100 billion . It would be enough for me and my descendants, and for people too. Something like that. Ahh, I'd also like to hire a hitman for Shawshank.

  39. It is very funny to read answers like “I would donate to orphanages”, but what prevents you from doing it now?)) It is easy to share the skin of an unkilled bear. It would be fun to see how these people with an infinite amount of resources would quickly isolate themselves from the surrounding people.

  40. I would fill up my company's advertising budget for several years in advance, buy offices for employees, sign a contract with the best IT companies for servicing for 5 years in advance on an advance payment, invest in shares of the American and Russian stock markets, buy commercial and non-commercial real estate for rent

  41. You can't have a finite amount of money without it, and you can't buy all the good on earth for it. A person is so inherently greedy that we can't measure his level of income. And it is simply impossible to make humanity happy

  42. I would buy the maximum amount of bitcoins and other electronic currency. And then I'd be rich for a long time. An endless bill for a day would turn into a big one and last for a long time.

  43. 1) A renovated apartment for each member of my family, plus a couple more to rent out and then receive passive income.

    2) The car.�

    3) Transfer to another card 999.000.000.000 $

    4) Buy a beautiful acoustic piano.

    5) Buy materials for building a quiet house in the woods by the lake.

    6) I will buy books for compiling a rich home library.

    Probably everything.

  44. I would send it to charity accounts and buy several apartments in Moscow.
    I would rent out these apartments later.
    I wonder if it is possible to buy an apartment online in one day?

  45. I would add a pension to all pensioners.
    I would pay off the debts of all debtors and mortgagees.
    I would buy housing for myself and all those in need.
    I would pay for the education of orphaned children
    I'd buy a car
    Pay for the construction of waste recycling plants
    I would pay for operations for everyone who collects money for them
    And some other animal welfare fund
    And I would pay in advance the salary of teachers and teachers and doctors
    And children's creativity and clubs for children in the village where I live.
    And I would pay for the construction of a swimming pool, also in our village
    I would pay for a direct regular bus from the village to the sea for the summer period

  46. I would buy a mint in all countries, as this extends the time, you can think in more detail, and those who tell orphanages everything at once, etc., this is a way to stand out in the comments, but in fact this will not happen. They will run to buy everything for their relatives, money is not distributed every day.

  47. I'll buy a restaurant and spend the whole day with my friends.

    I'll give the map to my wife.

    Let her have a headache today, and I'll have a headache tomorrow!


    But seriously, I would donate to the development of medicine. It is a shame to watch how on the Internet and on TV they collect money from good people for operations abroad or ultra-expensive imported medicines for sick children.

  48. I bought an island in the ocean with a bunker and a shuttle, and I would put our new hypersonic turbine in it. Sponsored Copernicus to find a planet with better conditions than our dying earth and us together, and then fly the hell out of here into space….

  49. I would try to make it possible to cure all children who suffer from the disease and lack of the opportunity to be cured in a first-class clinic and with a first-class specialist .

  50. I would buy housing for everyone who needs housing . I would bring water to all those in need of water, to all areas where people live, lay roads and close all available loans to all people.

  51. I would immediately run to transfer money to all orphanages,kindergartens with disabled children, all cancer patients and people who need treatment,and I would buy 10 kg of peaches and shovels for myself,I love them very much.

    1. I'd make transfers to all sorts of animal charities.

    2. I would finally buy myself a horse.

    3. A pink hot tub with lots of hydro massage modes.

    4. I ordered a million gift cards to bookstores for the maximum amount in each store chain.

    5. I went on a trip around the world.

    P.S. The fact that I would take my friends to the SPECIALLY RENTED premises of the poppy, where they work, and my parents to grocery shopping at their own expense, as if for granted.

  52. I would transfer 1 billion rubles to my personal account. Because I don't make up more than $ 1 billion worth of ideas. A personal account lasts longer than a hypothetical one.

  53. Language learning courses. Cruise around the world., Lake house . Gym membership. A very large sum for charity . The amount of money spent on environmental protection.

  54. I withdrew money from the card at the nearest ATM, then went through more ATMs and banks, then bought things for myself, a huge buiznes and the rest of the trillions were sold to others

  55. I'd call my friends. I'd make a lot of presents. I would try to buy an apartment, a house, a dacha in one day. Monowheel, office equipment (advanced computer, printer), washing machine, synthesizer, etc.

  56. I would buy a lot of jewelry,buy Gazprom shares, pay for several housing and utilities orphanages,feed the homeless,and buy dog food.I bought 20 trips for two to Sochi and would give them to my family and friends.

  57. I would buy some gold and then sell it one bar at a time when I want it and get the money.And everything is now not for one day but for more. But as long as my card works, I'll send half of it to charity.And everyone is happy.

  58. I think a lot of things and very expensive things can't be bought officially so quickly, each transaction takes time and preparation, you will need to quickly contact all buyers, prepare documents, etc. You can hire a lot of assistants, but you will still need to quickly find them, and trust them, draw up contracts, and if again not officially, they can throw, and time is not so much. And if you can quickly turn out some transactions for large amounts, then you will get to the control of the tax service, special services, etc. and you will have to explain, and since the happy day will already be over, there will be nothing to buy off. If you transfer everything to an account in other banks, which again will not be fast, given the opening of VIP accounts and the amount, then again you will get to the tax control, where did you get the money and everything will be blocked if you can not explain. In short, there will be more problems. Therefore, you can't buy anything very expensive, you can only buy small things so that you don't draw attention to yourself, well, you can help other people with money, goods, and you can also donate anonymously to funds.

  59. Nothing. I would have been killed on the same day. It is naive to believe that after the first contact with the bank or with any serious seller, I will not be taken into development and regardless of the presence of a large number of bodyguards, they will kill me after taking possession of my card. And then a series of murders will begin.

  60. I would have taken everything off, and used the rest to do charity work. I would send it to my parents, give them alms with a generous hand. And then, at the very end, I would take care of myself.

  61. I would buy myself this bank(to which the card is linked) and I would have my own bank from which I would receive money, but the rest of the day with this card I will spend in some dns or other store of components and devices for PCs

  62. In the current economic model based on scarcity, rent, and manipulation of the consumer's consciousness , operations with infinite money are meaningless and even harmful to the system itself. The possibility of having something does not solve the question of good and happiness, at least for a reasonable person, not one who can speak, read, count , try to express his thoughts, but one who deals responsibly, respectfully, and effectively with the world around him and others like himself. For me, it is logical and reasonable to direct this ” infinite resource “to the education of all people , in order to unite in a community of” Earthlings”, or something like the VENUS project…

  63. In this case, everything depends on the material needs of a person, for example, if a very poor person received a card, they would buy food, an apartment/house, and transport. If a billionaire like Elon Musk got the card, he would build himself some kind of space station, buy himself all the companies in the world, etc., etc. Personally, I would withdraw a couple of trillion dollars from this card and spend it when necessary.

  64. I would give a name to needy children I have hands and feet I will earn my own money, I would also buy a couple of apartments that need it mothers of many children money is evil.

  65. I would buy everything that our country has sold to foreign investors and all residents I would put money into the account for the development of my business taking into account the return without commission

  66. I would solve the problems of the needy and the poor, go and buy apartments for them, feed everyone as much as possible, pay for students from low-income families, etc.

  67. I paid the debts of the Precedent and the national debt of the country where I live.

    He opened a clinic for surgery and treatment of children's diseases, in particular neurosurgery, purchased equipment, hired specialists with a 10-year contract and received students from the Medical Institute for training, and laid a budget of 7 billion. And before that, I paid for the treatment.

    I would buy a number of enterprises modern equipment and upgrade them.

    I would develop the metro infrastructure outside Sputnikoi and around Minskaya Kontseva

    I paid my friends for loans and gave some of them no more than 1 million in dollar equivalent.

    It's a small factory, and I didn't leave more than 7 billion rubles for myself. For development and investment purposes.

    And I would also buy my company where I last worked modern equipment, in particular plasma and laser, materials for production, and pay the bills for the last orders.

  68. I paid the debts of the Precedent and the national debt of the country where I live.

    He opened a clinic for surgery and treatment of children's diseases, in particular neurosurgery, purchased equipment, hired specialists with a 10-year contract and received students from the Medical Institute for training, and laid a budget of 7 billion. And before that, I paid for the treatment.

    I would buy a number of enterprises modern equipment and upgrade them.

    I would develop the metro infrastructure outside Sputnikoi and around Minskaya Kontseva

    I paid my friends for loans and gave some of them no more than 1 million in dollar equivalent.

    It's a small factory, and I didn't leave more than 7 billion rubles for myself. For development and investment purposes.

    And I would also buy my company where I last worked modern equipment, in particular plasma and laser, materials for production, and pay the bills for the last orders.

  69. I would buy myself a house on the beach, I would furnish it with the most top-end appliances. The best and most beautiful clothes.
    A car for my man, medicines for all occasions, especially for the treatment of the eyes.
    And a couple of companies, a ready-made business, as they call it.

  70. Does the World Bank issue cards? If it's some other bank, then it's a scam and I just won't believe it anyway ))).

    Well, if hypothetically, then in one day it is only possible to invest in investments on the Stock Exchange, and then calmly think about where to transfer them. Other transactions are not made per day ))

  71. I would have lived happily ever after and died in one day )))

    Or I could buy an island in the ocean and get out of this nasty country.

    Just in case-would pay for the construction of the world's largest shelter for seals )

  72. I would buy a profitable business like Apple or Google, and donate to all the funds to fight all diseases and clean up nature from plastic and garbage

  73. I would buy basic necessities for the baby's home, an orphanage,a home for the elderly and homeless people, and put them in homes for living with a job.

  74. in Pavlograd put everything destroyed in order restore the swimming pool rent roads water so that the apartments were warm factories factories run free meals in boarding schools get rid of the rest in general Pavlograd made a pension as an indicator for pensioners a pension for everyone a good salary for workers a lot that needs to be done

  75. Many premium class apartments, professional camera, electric car, travel for a year, solar panels, computer, flights for 20 years of vpe

  76. The money is endless, but no one has canceled the limit for withdrawing and transferring cash, how much is lemit? That's the question. Well, what can you buy in one day? I think that the first thing that comes to mind in a real situation is cars and real estate, and so on the way all sorts of baubles that will have time to take. personally, if the limit of course allowed, I would probably run to buy real estate, but then again, how many transactions will you have time to complete in one day with the search for a suitable option? One, no more, it is more expedient to sit all day and make transfers for as long as the limit allows, for yourself, someone else, charity, and everything that comes to mind, they seem to be endless. A difficult question to be honest, probably in reality everything would have been solved by itself.

  77. You would hang yourself from the inability to appease your greed, because you will not buy anything expensive just like that in one day, there will be a lot of sense from shopping, smart people, and it doesn't matter if they have money or not invest in money and everything tied to them.
    Here it is not superfluous to remember both the Chinese proverb and the Soviet quote.
    1 ” The world is infinitely large for any number of needs and infinitely small for even one greed.”
    This card of yours will definitely not be enough.
    2 ” When chedovek has nothing to give to another person, he gives money.”
    And this can only be understood by a person.
    That's the whole story.
    And a normal person will not use this card, he has no time to talk nonsense, he is busy with business.

  78. The question is certainly interesting, but we all understand that this is not possible. But I will answer: since I do not have my own home , and I myself am disabled and have two children, I would buy comfortable housing , help my relatives pay off their debts. And I would really like to help sick children all over the world. It is clear that this will never happen, but you can dream, because no one forbade it.

  79. I bought a plane to fly to my son and see him.And I helped him financially to restore his health,and I also helped my grandson and my husband.

  80. I bought an apartment in St. Petersburg,a car, helped my Mother, a friend, passed a full examination, helped my brother,niece, relatives, helped the children's Gift of Life foundation.All

  81. And that the transfers have already been canceled🤣 😂. This is elementary.transfers, and of course currency accounts are different.and don't forget about orphanages and so on. And you don't need to be impudent,the main thing is to stop in time. Well, paying for security for 10 years in advance in any case will not be superfluous.

  82. I would invest one part in some project to find vaccines against viruses
    , one part for the development of our village, one part for high-quality education for my grandchildren, and one part for myself. I want to learn how to communicate in networks and earn extra money.

  83. I wouldn't have had all the money in the bank ,because I'd have given it all away, and they wouldn't have been enough! Not a single ruble for yourself! To the sick, churches, science, medicine, schools, road repairs and construction, all those in need, etc.

  84. I would pay all my debts, help everyone in need, buy a house, a car, invest in a business, cash out the rest to develop my business, hire employees and assign them a decent salary.

  85. I would transfer it to charitable foundations, kindergartens, schools, boarding schools..
    And then I would buy myself a house with a small plot, somewhere in the village))

  86. I would buy everything in jewelry stores and cash out money through an ATM! And the lion's share would be allocated to needy children, families and disabled people! Well, something like that!!!

  87. here you are inventing a lot of suggestions and hypotheses on the issue and no one even thought that this question was asked by a person who just has a lot of money and you are now throwing him a lot of ideas for free how to spend the loot so that you can get even more rich, because a simple person will never have such crazy money

  88. America, and immediately shut it down as a dangerous project for the world. Use the remaining characters to type 140 characters. When they are typed, I don't know what else to write. Finally.

  89. I would buy gold . I withdrew cash. I would buy government bonds. within the allowed size. The tax service is not sleeping and there may be problems. Purchases of up to 600 thousand rubles each.

  90. I would make repairs in the house, rebuild for a bath with toilet and buy new furniture and appliances in the house. I would give you money to repair the engine house and my husband's car.

  91. What's there to think about? I would transfer the amount I needed to other bank accounts in other banks, without such a hard time limit, and then spend my whole life on my own.

  92. Depends on the amount. I would go out with my friends at my own expense. I bought gifts for my loved ones. I would put the money on a deposit. I would withdraw some of the money to live on it. I gave it to the poor to eat. Etc.

  93. Transfer some part of the money to other cards and then already understand what is where, why and how much. Too much can be done with these funds, and one day is not enough

  94. I would pay off my loans and all my debts, set up a house for my parents and buy an apartment for myself and my brother, change my car and my brother's car for a foreign car. I'd like to have a facial reconstruction operation.

  95. A house in Voronezh, an apartment in Nizhny Novgorod, a farm in the Belgorod region, a travel company in Moscow, a Volkswagen Tuareg business, a complete set of utensils for the temple, if you still have a small house on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

  96. I would pay off all my debts, buy some goodies for my children, and then we'll see about the housing issue. although I would take my children to the sea-ocean to relax . the technique is also different . she helped her parents , eldest son and granddaughter .

  97. Buy A New Life ..a house on the beach, a hotel and a couple of cars, perhaps I would buy an investment portfolio or an interesting project in the creative direction.

  98. Dengo a vault that is completely filled with gold bars or money.
    Like, this is elementary, Watson!
    Well, or at least some business bought out

  99. Everything is simple I would buy 5 apartments in Moscow,buy a car in one center, order different equipment from an online store, well, I would put wild bets on different sites, buy up dohreniliard shares. On vacation, I would buy a bottle of elite whiskey, everything is now with me every day, consider that unlimited, you rent apartments, cars are mostly on sale except for 2-3 cars, equipment is also like promotions, some kind of rates will come in one way or another

  100. I would put as much money as I can on a bitcoin wallet and then spend it:) Because with a bitcoin wallet, you can then spend anywhere, and all the easy money.

  101. The very first thing that comes to mind is closing the mortgage. So many nerves could be saved at once. Everything else is a lucrative business for me and my family.

  102. First, I would transfer several billion euros to my bank card,second, I would donate to a shelter for homeless animals, open a business, hire employees, donate to all the people who are sick , I have a lot of thoughts

  103. I would buy food for every day with a stock of at least a month, which has long been gone, stocks of canned food and long-playing products for at least half a year. I would buy laundry detergent packs, soap and toothpaste for 5 pieces at least, more protective masks with good quality protection for half a year for each family member, underwear and socks 10 pairs warmer for my family, essential medicines and just in case of fire from viruses for each family member. It's not harmful to dream, and I don't dream anymore, I live on a penny, I try to hold out as long as possible and survive.

  104. Here you can think big,well, for example, I would pay off our state debts,but in general, a small house on the lake shore would be enough for me.something like that.

  105. You need to deposit 10,000,000 rubles each at interest to several banks. This way you will be able to receive money every year. 10 000 000 : 100 • 4 = 400 000.
    400 000 rubles • number of banks = amount of money for the year. In my opinion, it will be enough for life.

  106. I would buy a house, some nishtyakov for autonomous operation, ordered a couple of greenhouses(large), seeds of flowers, and would live selling flowers). Vot such cases.

  107. I would pay off all my debts and those close to me, buy apartments for all my close people, fulfill all my wishes and dreams , and contribute all the money to save the Aral Sea

    • I don't need endless money…All I would do is close my loan,buy a slightly better car than I have now, and realize what I would like to do…and then it would work like everyone else…I worked for a living.
  108. Part of it goes to charity, part of it goes to buy a plot of land for building a house and other buildings, and part of it goes to build a hospital for cancer patients…

  109. I would buy housing for my family and give the money to homeless people, children and pensioners! I would withdraw cash and distribute it to people in need so that there is no poverty in our country, since our government cannot do this!

  110. I gave the scammers of the world a holiday and gave them the card number.
    Then I went on a date with a girl I didn't know, and when the bill arrived, I only paid half of it.
    I went to the Chinese market and started haggling.
    I went without a mask in the wrong places and paid fines.
    I called my ex-wife, told her about the card, and didn't give her anything. Yes, I'm an asshole.
    I bought the company I work for and canceled the dress code.
    I bought a lot of passenger buses so that they would leave for work from my entrance every 5 minutes.
    I bought the entire Internet and turned it on for one hour a day.
    I would buy resorts in Crimea and Sochi and set affordable prices there
    C bought all the bitcoins so that no one else would be led to this garbage.
    I bought some time and transferred it until I got enough sleep.
    I bought all the supermarket queues.
    I bought all the pigeons to fly over my enemies and take revenge on them + one flying cow for the worst enemies.
    I bought all the collectors to call and go to each other.
    Roscosmos bought it and fired Rogozin.
    I would like to spend more money on restoring roads in Russia and satisfying all the appetites of our officials, but unfortunately there is not enough money for this. We need even more.

  111. I would buy a house and provide for my entire family for a long time. After helping the children, yes, a lot of good things could be done, but first of all, I would make it so that after a lot of money was left to realize everything I had planned …

  112. I would buy half of Russia and a lot of different seedlings with shrubs, I can plant them myself, even if it would take a long time. And I would also put a lot of power plants that would not depend on the resources of nature.

  113. I would invest the maximum amount of money in bitcoins, then transfer everything to a normal card. it wouldn't be very convenient, but it would be almost infinite in money

  114. If it is not forbidden to cash out, then I would cash out a dodecalion of dodecalions =) (The Dodecalion contains 39 zeros), And if it is forbidden, I would realize my dreams, buy apartments, cars, because then you can sell them.

  115. well, the fact that I would withdraw a certain amount for myself is not even discussed . But I would obviously be wary of investing in something (there is a high probability that the money will simply disappear or part of it), I don't know, the question is very difficult and takes time to make a decision

  116. If there really is an infinite amount of money, I would first set up a cat shelter where I would gather all the cats in the city. For one day, but the money can be cashed out and stored at least in a suitcase or several. Then I would use the cashed-up money to allocate money for repairs, otherwise the walls in Khrushchev are falling apart. I'll earn money for the rest.

  117. I would withdraw all the money)

    And then I bought the universe

    captured the neighboring ones

    became a god

    sent everyone to heaven

    destroyed hell

    I would have eaten a shawarma


  118. Even if there the money would not be in foreign currency ,and would invest in stocks around the world.🤔Not only to yourself but to your loved ones and a friend who always has no money.

  119. Distributed to all the inhabitants of the planet for $ 1 million so that financial aspects were not in the priority of personality assessment, but the quality of interaction and mutual understanding between people

  120. I would try to close my debts. Life with debts is unbearable. I would also buy a house in Crimea by the sea (I am a Crimean) and would probably be very happy.

  121. I would buy everything that can be bought factories houses oil towers gold in banks dollars euros And the next day I almost sold everything I kept gold euros the main thing is that no one would know that it's me( there will be a lot of scammers and thieves )

  122. I'm not a kind person and I don't really believe in the fairy tale about paying off all debts and helping old people,or investing in a company or business.I would not need much for happiness, the main thing is that I would have enough of this money to help my beloved aunt buy a kitchen, take my father to football at least once and buy a house in the village or a dacha for my mother,I think for such requests a huge amount of money is not needed)

  123. If buying up foreign currencies is considered an investment, I would buy up a lot, but enough to not break the economy…, provide myself with what I can't provide now, make a lot of deposits, and ensure a decent old age… Or he bought some goods in bulk, and then sold them at very low prices, thereby withdrawing money from the card… I would become a very rich man…

  124. I would buy up controlling stakes in the largest companies, buy up all the real estate I could see, open multiple deposits in banks, etc.

  125. to begin with, I would open an account in my own name and put all these money there and then dispose of them as you need charity and much more that you can't do in one day. Well, I was a little pleased with my beloved

  126. I would definitely transfer a tidy sum to an orphanage, pay off the mortgage and loan, buy shares, put them on deposit, and I hope I could manage it in a day)

  127. 2-room apartment in the city center with Euro renovation, furniture, appliances, loggias. No higher than 3 floors, windows facing south-west or south, windows facing the street

  128. I would invest in investments, help sick children, and buy a well-maintained house so that the whole family could live happily and start a profitable business.

  129. I would invest a lot of money in a project that would really help all the people on the planet earth, then I would withdraw a couple of hundred thousand billions, organize my own project in which the best people on the planet would work. ( for example, by colonizing planets and galaxies, this is the only chance for humanity to survive). But since there is no such bank card, I don't want to write such questions..

  130. A lot of things, a very long list… First of all, a large living space, where things are stored. And a car to transport them… And then the same mountain of things for yourself, relatives, friends, etc.

  131. I would take full ownership of all the electronics companies, car manufacturers, and global hotel chains . Hotel business is a cool topic

  132. I read the comments, they write such nonsense, most people have Napoleonic plans-you damn well think with your head that even parts of these plans will not have time, because a bad head will not give your legs a cut, the day will pass and the map will turn into a pumpkin, but everything can be done much easier and you can withdraw funds at once as much as in a hundred, a thousand years you will not spend and at least every next day of your life make a financial feat of generosity..

  133. World Banks
    That's all, but I won't be missed by the number of words, so I have to write more and more, I don't understand why I'm answering this question at all, but still

  134. Well, first of all, I would pay off the loans and debts of all my relatives and other people who need money, give them money for examination and treatment if they need it, and most importantly, give money to sick children.

  135. I would improve the well-being of my family to comfort .Of course, and your family . The rest is how much you need to give to help those in need of treatment and education .

  136. All sorts of courses for self-education, even if I didn't participate in them later, means of production, expensive corporate software like 3d max, as well as several dozen expensive goods that can be purchased in one day, and their sale later would provide me and my family for the rest of my life.

  137. I would like to establish a foundation for world-wide accessible education, with the opening of new schools, with the involvement of the best technical means and the best teachers in the training system. The main thing in this venture is that any person has the opportunity to get any knowledge, any skill absolutely free of charge anywhere in the world. It would be interesting to look at our civilization in 50 years. The main deterrent in this venture, no matter how parodox it may sound, will be the parents of children, with their foundations, customs, and traditions.

  138. I would build a beautiful village in nechernozemye for rural residents with roads, with gasification, with a hospital, farms, roads, I don't need anything myself, all this is Vanity, I don't die of hunger, everything else is vanity

  139. I would buy everything that is needed for baby homes,orphanages and create a fund to help sick children who need expensive treatment.She also provided all the necessities of a nursing home.

  140. I will withdraw some of the money (quite huge) and invest it in business, housing, and the environment. you can allocate a lot of money to charity, distribute it to the poor and destitute, and invest in science, because more products and population is important as culture, and technology that will solve large and small problems, such as food shortages, overpopulation…. It would open up something like garbage collection, which, thanks to technology, could get a second life, would develop VR because of its huge potential. even Lit.The RPG says it all! and the rest of a lot of things… and I would have kept a million, and that would have been enough…

  141. I would buy a seaside boarding house for a charity rehabilitation center for children in need, and open a charity account with funds for the maintenance of this boarding house.I know how it is now ,but now children and their parents need just such rest and, of course, treatment.

  142. I would ask another question, how is the optimal amount of money determined, so that there is no hyperinflation,in fact, this money is worthless?And it's simple,if the number of goods is less than the amount of money, the currency will not fall.But if on the contrary, it will be like with the dollar from Zimbabwe,as this money is not provided with anything.They walk so much that there is no amount of goods that they can provide.Purchasing power should be weighted.There is no extra money in World currencies, as if they appear in large volumes, the currency loses its world status, albeit slowly but surely.

  143. Yes I would open a bank account and top it up to become the richest person in the world and then after the end of the day I would just send money to different banks in different countries

  144. I would pay off my debts and credits and then live in peace but alas I have to suffer to pay off my debts after quarantine and I don't have a job yet I lost it and the credits are pressing very hard

  145. I won't spend too much money, I'll buy the whole planet at once. I will build a fair society. And then the impudent oligarchs are already tired, who can't get drunk in any way. At the same time, many people are really hungry and cannot meet basic needs. I will appoint real professionals, smart and honest people to important government positions. I will try to understand all the conflicts and stop the wars, at least to the maximum.

  146. real estate to start your own company, an apartment, two cars(one for the company and one for yourself) and hire two drivers. I would put the rest at a percentage-not to lose the same good

  147. I would buy shares of all the companies in the world

    after all, the purchase would have happened in one day, so tomorrow I woke up a rich man and did not worry about anything anymore

  148. You won't be able to buy almost anything. Making transactions takes a long time. The larger the amount , the longer the paperwork will take. And if you spend a lot of money, the tax service will want to know where you got so much money from? And immediately slap the luxury tax, which will have to pay. You don't need to buy things, but something that makes money. You can't buy stocks, only through a broker on the stock exchange (we are not in America, where housewives monitor the stock price, and easily sell and buy via the Internet), and in an unsuccessful scenario, you can easily spend “infinite money” from the card, and still remain a debtor for the broker, because his unsuccessful transactions are paid anyway. You can buy a hundred or two hundred apartments, but there will not be enough time and money to pay the tax, because you will also have to pay for empty apartments, go around them and solve problems that are very often arranged by tenants… Helping patients is also not easy, usually treatment is not done in one day, you can buy a course of expensive medicine, but where is the guarantee that you will not need to repeat this course again? And they also check where the money comes from, everything should be transparent and clean. You will help two or three patients, and now at your doorstep crying people are asking for help and their children. And the day has passed!!! Buy gold, and then shake over it and be afraid of being robbed? Buy a country house, and not be able to maintain it, pay the security of an elite residential complex, and for all sorts of stuff for 500 thousand a year? What else is offered here? A plane? And on kerosene and PO for pilots, for storage at the airfield, for something without which no one will release into the sky? And who will protect the island? Although, I think, buy a large bank deposit box, pay for it immediately for 50 years, fill it with gold, and take a little. True, the bank buys its own gold at a blatant discount (with a big discount), but the money will be clean. If you do not ask questions when buying a ton of gold:))). A plant-to build-is a few years of injections, and it is not a fact that it will not then be squeezed out by structures close to the district authorities, and they will start producing dietary supplements, which will then be sold to gullible pensioners via TV. Abroad without citizenship and papers about the pure origin of funds – no one will talk to you, and you will not be able to buy anything, except pizza and food in a restaurant. So it's a trick question. You need to spend it so that you can continue to earn income after the end of the day for owning the card. The option with a safe deposit box is the most realistic. But here it is important not to blurt out about your cell drunk to friends or a woman with low social responsibility-dashing people who will easily take everything from you-we have a lot, and then I immediately remember the “golden saying”: – “money loves silence”. That is, it is not enough to get something, win, earn: this will have to be saved and protected with difficulty. And this is no easier than making money…

  149. I would buy a house for my family, a car. I would buy a profitable business. And it would pay for operations and treatment for sick children. I would cash out the money and put it in the account))

  150. I would buy everything I want – then send money to my friends and family – then help those in need – buy all the food from old ladies selling on the street – and give the food to the homeless-something like that

  151. Your country. I want to make a fairy tale come true, however. Many people would have liked this gift of fate. I look at the people of the present, and in my eyes there is emptiness and humility. Life proceeds in a cliched way. Annoying, sad…

  152. This is a difficult question. To begin with, so that the money does not disappear, you should buy the maximum amount of property that is as expensive as possible. It is necessary to buy a maximum of houses and plots of the most expensive in price. And then when all the money is gone you can keep some of it for yourself sell some of it and give the money you get to orphanages etc

  153. I would give it to charity for children who need varying degrees of treatment. I would do everything possible so that my loved ones do not need anything.

  154. Hm.. I would spend 12 hours first transferring money to another card, then I would buy several companies, half of Moscow, a couple of dozen mansions for each of the 10 rarest sports cars, then I would buy Turkey for passive earnings(after all, in what country we live)), and finally a couple of million for charity, it's a pity, but there are no such unlimited cards.

  155. I would buy a skating rink and roll our corrupt government into the asphalt. And then he made a law so that I wouldn't get anything for it!!! Something like that!!!

  156. I would transfer the entire amount to the treatment of sick children. It's creepy to watch the suffering of children. Oncology more and more…. Help, Lord, forgive us, sinners…

  157. I would immediately pour it into the entire world economy,help the whole world, all people at once, isn't this the right thing to do ,or is this a real acquisition to help the whole world, no matter what no one needs

  158. I would immediately pour it into the entire world economy, help the whole world to all people at once, isn't that right ?I would do exactly that .Well, I would help my family and business friends

  159. I would transfer a billion dollars from one to another.Or buy something expensive like a business or 100 tons of gold, or buy the entire planet for $ 5k.

  160. I would buy the largest pharmaceutical company and help Africa and other developing countries fight diseases that are treated in developed countries and do not die because of poor quality medicine.

  161. In descending order of priorities:
    1. Investment: I would invest in a factory or other types of production.
    Life hack: the best way to avoid going bust is to invest in production facilities on a par with RusNano.
    2. I would donate money to a fund to help children (for surgery or medication).
    3. I would buy as much physical gold as possible, then sell it the next day.
    4. I would buy real estate for myself, a Spanish guitar, a stationary computer (update components)

  162. The best option is to buy a lot of gold. Then I'll sell them and figure out what to do with them. 😂😂😂 It doesn't matter what it is, the main thing is to first buy what others will buy later. And then you can build shelters, save Africa. Declare the seals a higher intelligence… Well, restore the production of Blazers. Certainly.

    1. I would transfer all this money to another card
    2. I would buy everything I want for myself and my friends
    3. I would do something good for the world
    4. I would give the rest of the money to pensioners
  163. I'd throw everything I could fit on my card.

    Sub anywhere in Moscow bolzovatsya and what else is there and in a kind of also in this case and not

  164. For starters, I would just withdraw as much money as possible from the card. Electronic means of payment is not money, but electronic means of payment.) The card gets to me for only 1 day – why would I buy something when you can become Well-Very-Rich, and not for a day, but for good?… So, we take a conditional suitcase with us, run to the ATM…

  165. I would transfer all the money to my other accounts, savings books, accounts of friends and relatives, as well as to orphanages and charitable foundations – and I would do it all day, until the end of the term.

  166. In one day, it is impossible to do at least something really significant, to acquire something expensive. Even funny from the naive answers of the majority.
    Expensive cars, yachts, houses, islands, helping the needy, raising pensions, buying apartments for the needy.
    Wake up, what are you talking about? For most of these operations, it takes several days, or even a month (ev). And the money, conditionally, you have only ONE day. So, you can spend it on what you can pay for and get here and now.
    The only reasonable solution, as we have already written here, is to transfer the maximum possible amounts to other accounts and cards that do not have restrictions. However, these accounts still need to be opened.
    In general, an infinite amount of money provides this very money.

  167. How much you don't transfer to charity will be stolen, for yourself… those who want to profit so much will be squeezed out…

    I don't believe in fairy tales anymore, and I don't believe in people either.

  168. I transferred everything to my own account as much as possible, so I went shopping. I have everything, and then made meaningful purchases. That's something like that……. Well, flowers to my wife

  169. Initially an impossible thing. If it is an account with an unlimited amount of money… I would buy the whole world. microsoft, Apple, British Petroleum, Gazprom, Samsung and so on, so on… and then-I would try to deal with it. Because money is not everything in this world. I think I'd get a personal atomic bomb on my head.

  170. I would transfer all this money to my card and that's it
    Further symbols so that you can publish this

  171. I would transfer ALL the funds to a couple of debit cards…

    Well, then it would be an unlimited amount of time to dispose of an unlimited amount…)

    So something like that!

  172. I would buy stocks, funds, as well as buy mbterials, music, tools for game development (running my own project) as for me this is the best implementation of this money with the ability to increase it and not lose it.

  173. I would buy training in a driving school and at the age of 12 I would be able to drive a car(I need to go to boxing training sessions that are on the other side of the city, so as not to wait for my dad who will take me there, you need to wait 3-4 minutes for him, because he works very hard and sometimes goes far away on business, and walking is not an option at all because I can be late and freeze to the bone because winter does not spare anyone), I would buy several cars: sedan, SUV and station wagon(and each according to the mood and suitable location through which I will pass, for example a station wagon is a good option for traveling), I would invest in a business so that when the day is over I can earn income, I would buy a mansion, not skimp on gifts to my family for the New Year, I will buy out the school and cancel homework on a large scale since many people in our class do not have time to complete such a large amount of work, the best solution is to reduce the amount of work to a minimum, since a lot of homework is not only dreary, but also inefficient and most importantly: I will buy a mansion abroad somewhere in Dubai so that I can spend a good time on vacation there, why Dubai? Very simple: I just loved this country; if possible I'll take a certain amount of money in his piggy Bank to provide training in flight school and go to work as a civil aviation pilot in the same Emirates, something like that, but now close eye as this opportunity I will not, therefore, I bestowed without money he will achieve

  174. I would buy an apartment from my mother for $ 10 billion, from my wife for $ 10 billion, and buy real estate from all my relatives)))))))))))))))))))))))))

  175. I would buy an all-inclusive cruise around the world on the world's most luxurious liner. Valid for one year. With access to the most interesting places on the planet.

  176. I would transfer $ 100 billion to the pension fund to add a pension to poor pensioners(without the right to use the money for other purposes), I would transfer money to orphanages,and I would transfer money to restore medicine that Suprunikha destroyed, and I would withdraw a little cash for myself !!!

  177. I would ask you to cash out. : – D

    I would also bring down the global financial system.

    I'd buy a couple of minced meat cars for change. I would drive around the city and feed the dogs and cats.

  178. Answer: nothing. On the day when such a card appears, the money will be instantly devalued and an economic catastrophe will occur. Another option: it will be immediately blocked due to a suspected system error, and you will not have time to spend anything.
    For the mind of a simple layman, it is still better to define some kind of framework, for example, in $5 trillion. In this case, it would be most profitable to convert money into power. For example, buy an island (or territory on the mainland), declare it a sovereign state, and become a monarch yourself. In any case, it is necessary to think about the consequences, even in the course of raising such a question.

  179. There are a lot of interesting offers here, you could use many of them. Plus , will you be able to order the same card for tomorrow? Etc.

  180. Google shares, an apartment in Moscow to rent out, mortgage payments to all relatives and friends, an apartment in St. Petersburg, an apartment in your city, a cartoon studio, maybe a house in New Zealand to relax by the sea.

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