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  1. Definitely not. I don't have the faintest idea how my life would have turned out if I had changed every little thing 5 years ago. Who knows, maybe I'd be dead by now? So no matter what adversities I go through, no matter how many bad decisions I make, I am glad that I am who I am, and I don't regret anything, so I don't want to go back and change anything. The choice has been made, decisions have been made and it is no longer appropriate to regret it, you need to look only forward.

  2. If there was an opportunity, it is obvious that they would have been able to (check for words of the same root). So you probably meant “would you like to?”when you asked.

    It is quite obvious that everyone would want to, since this is a rare opportunity to earn extra money on the exchange rate, sports results and other nice things, as well as fix numerous shoals in your personal life.�

    The trick is that, according to the inexorable law of the genre, after you return there, back, the courses will go in the other direction, other horses will win at the races, and you will probably never meet that blonde or that gorgeous brunette at all. Moreover, in the second round, run through all the opportunities to get hit by a car or get hit on the head in the alley, which you have successfully avoided over the past five years. So I personally wouldn't…

  3. If we consider this issue from the point of view of science, then as theoretical scientists say, “There are no physical laws prohibiting making a time jump.” So it's a question of technology and how long to wait, probably 1000 years. But if you ask the question from the point of view of the philosophy of life, then the meaning of this action is meaningless. I'll try to explain. A person's favorite question to ask themselves is: “What if I had done something different?” There is such a thing as an existential paradox. The essence of this paradox is that no matter what choice you make, you will always think about ” What if …”. And so on ad infinitum, since the number of variations in the selection is very large. Well, as a trip for educational purposes, in the sense of traveling 5 years ago is not. Conclusion. Traveling back 5 years doesn't make sense. Not for educational purposes, not in the sense of life . I think that we are all like this now, only thanks to the events that have occurred in our lives. Do not change the course of time and events. Since the result of the butterfly effect may not suit you.

  4. If in order to change something , then in no case for the very reasons that are colorfully shown in any work about time travel

    If in order to simply relive all those fragments of life that were in these five years-as if to review your favorite TV series, then with great pleasure

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