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  1. When I met a very similar young man, I married him, it was awesome.
    If it were just completely myself, I would limit myself to a strong friendship: well, she's cool, and how she understands everything correctly!

  2. Of course NOT! It's boring when there is an absolutely understandable and predictable creature around! The meaning of life is to know something else, not to go around in circles. Nizasto!

  3. The probability would be about 50%.

    On the one hand, I would like a person with the same hobbies and aspirations as me (especially if these things are identical to mine).

    On the other hand, given that I'm very reluctant to get in touch with people, it's not like I would even have had time to learn about these hobbies before we both decided to go do our own thing instead of chatting around with a stranger.

    I wish you success and all the best in life without any hard feelings!


  4. No, because I would like to expand my qualities, and my clone would be the same as me. And I would immediately draw attention to its shortcomings, not its advantages.

  5. I would definitely try it, it's interesting, it's another life option. and then gemini, for example, is another version of themselves. We love them and are friends with them, so it's almost the same here. An exciting adventure, a variant of a novel, a plot for a book.

  6. Depending on the circumstances and on what cases, it would be quite interesting and exciting. I rarely met interesting and enthusiastic people, and communication usually did not last more than six months.

  7. If I were to meet myself, it would probably happen when people invent a time machine, as we were taught in various movie schools. Well maybe one of two things will happen:

    1. I go back in time and meet myself.
    2. He came from the future and meets me.

    If we talk about real 100% identical people, animals, plants do not happen(even if the level of dna). If it helps properly. I would be friends.

  8. I'd like to meet myself. And I think that the two of us would get along, but not immediately, because we would quarrel often, until we understood how to behave with the “other self”. There would be eternal harmless jokes, watching interesting (in our opinion) films, and much more… At first, it would be difficult: who are you, I didn't imagine myself like this, why are you acting like this? And then it's interesting: one is looking for good music, the other is looking for good books (tastes are the same), one is learning English, the second is learning German. Or, to avoid bothering each other, one sleeps during the day and the other at night. Convenient 🙂

  9. With an impulsive and self-centered person, I would take a light day off. I can already see two exhausted and drunk faces waiting for the metro to open early in the morning.
    Yes, and mzhm is interesting to try, I'll look at myself in business.

  10. Your question can be given a wonderful answer in the series “Edge” after the 2nd season is especially developed with excellent acting, as for myself personally-I would like it, but I did not become friends.

  11. Strange. Everyone is so afraid of themselves and doesn't like them as much as they can.

    But I would have been thrilled.

    The only person who doesn't need to explain their jokes. Great.

  12. Here I have a son, I raised him, of course he has my mentality. We understand each other very well. But it wouldn't be interesting to be friends with him, because he is much more stupid than me. I don't think so, I'm a totalitarian and a mumbler.

  13. Oh yeah… If it had been a girl, we would have started with a witty couple of words, flirted eloquently, directly, understood each other with half a word, making simple hints with our lips and green reproaches. It would be hot, very refined, and sweet, like juicy grapes sprinkling down your throat. We would walk arm-in-arm, make haughty jokes, delude ourselves with our own pride and arrogance, and couldn't stop looking at each other, feeling mischievously tempted in this spontaneous and gambling game of self-forgetfulness.

    The whole city would be darkened and only we would be burning among the lampposts in the dark winter. We would look alike, which would be very, very liberating. A minute of our relaxed conversation would have passed, or maybe even a second, and we would both not have noticed that it was already getting dark around us, and our hands and voice were reaching into the coveted bed with ochre linens and spread pillows. But maybe we wouldn't have gone there, because enjoying ourselves is an indelible delight in the here and now.

    It would be an invisible power in your mind when you touch her curls and she looks at your eager eyes. And you are so beautiful to yourself, similar and lust after what he wants and what she wants in her fantasies, fetishes or sadism. And this irony, this brilliance… You can't get rid of the word “perfect”in your head. Magical, excellent, magnificent. Heartwarming. And excellent, as the fact that your interests are almost the same, your sympathy is frank and riveted to the two of you. You fight, you break up, but you always know how similar you are, that you are connected, why you want to touch your fingers to the body more… And all honestly, from the heart.

    Our graceful gestures and bliss would not stop, burning their neurotic tails in the routine. It would be a life-long adventure, the joy of seeing yourself, and endless treacle and intellectual happiness torn apart by devilish quarrels and playful truces… I think it would be at least interesting. And not otherwise. But dreams are shattered.

  14. Yes, I would definitely like it and want to be friends. But it would have turned out or not-the question, because both are with character)

    Although with a copy of the opposite sex, it would definitely have turned out great)

  15. I think after the first few minutes of talking to a person who is an exact copy of me, I would like to strangle the hell out of them. Because no one can be as “fucking smart” as I am 🙂

    A more interesting question would be: What kind of person is your dream and what would you do if you got one

  16. No, thank you.

    I have enough of myself alone. And to communicate-consciously, voluntarily – with your own copy is some kind of communicative masturbation, as for me

  17. The last thing I want to do is live with myself; I have more than enough of myself in the singular. Not that they didn't get along, but they simply wouldn't have existed together for more than a day. For “there must be only one left.”

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