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  1. Moving your mind to a computer is such a vague concept. You can copy it to your computer (or rather, you can't do it now, but we're talking about the future). In this case, it's like copying a file: two clones of consciousness appear-one is you, and the other is in the computer. That is, you fall asleep, you are copied, and then it turns out that two identical minds diverge — and you either wake up as an artificial intelligence, or continue to live in your body as before with a 50/50 probability. You will not be connected to the clone of your consciousness, from now on you are two different personalities.

    This question, by the way, was raised in the game SOMA.

  2. If you make a backup on your computer, and then download this image, on another computer, and then in the hidden tab you will watch porn, switching between different videos, following your preferences, until you are satisfied. Here, even if your favorite site is known and your preferences are described solidly, you can only believe that you are calling the same thing, even if you are connected to the network and monitor what you are doing “original”, then it is very unlikely that you will be satisfied with “copy” at the same time. Your self is the neural network architecture, the fragmentation map, future changes and past ones. You can't make a copy of the self, you can only make a print, and each print will be a “new” self, which these selves will realize is not so important.

  3. I think that everything depends on the transfer process, if you are transferred as if in realtime, that is, you will be conscious for the entire transfer, then you will remain yourself, as if you were simply transferred from one head to another. In general, the main thing is that you do not disconnect during the process.

  4. To move consciousness into a computer, I think the best and only possible solution is to gradually partially replace (or expand) the brain with electronic components. By partial, I mean to replace the brain piece by piece, step by step, with new electronic components so that the consciousness has time to accept and adapt over a certain period of time. It will be essentially like the famous ship of Theseus from the paradox of the same name. Then there will be no so-called copies, only your original Self without killing copies

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