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  1. You will laugh, I, for example, do not have formulated goals and dreams either.

    Yes, this is such a life option. I live it.

    And, of course, “to answer the question,” I'm going to move on with my life)

  2. Life has value in itself. Goals are something that comes much later than we started living. And the reassessment of their capabilities goes on throughout their lives. Goals are being changed and adjusted. We always achieve something, but something doesn't work out. Life just consists in the fact that some dreams come true, and some do not. The question contains a fatal case, but this is not a reason not to live!.It takes a genius to set a goal at the beginning of your life and pursue it for the rest of your life. Therefore, even the question itself is incorrect. Life is beautiful in itself. It's a great time when we're trying to make our dreams come true. We are happy, disappointed, and happy again. Enjoy the opportunity to live!

  3. I don't have such goals and dreams that I just consider vital, I like the process itself. And in order to enjoy the process, I already have everything.

  4. This is a very strange question, because over the course of life, goals and dreams change. I find out that I will not achieve any of my dreams and goals at the moment, it only means that I will continue to develop, and I can not be happy for myself

  5. Let's just say I've already achieved certain goals and dreams. Now reformatting has taken place and the goals have become different, life goes on and on, but if I knew now that I would not achieve these new goals until the end of my life, I would still continue to live, as my spiritual teacher said: “Life is the most precious and priceless gift to us from the Lord God, do not lose it”

  6. Absolutely stupid question in my opinion. It all depends on you. If you want it, you'll get it, if you don't want it, you won't get it. Everything is in your hands. If, of course, your goals and dreams are real, and not from the field of fiction.

  7. I've been thinking about it very seriously. I had a childhood dream. When I was 16, I believed that by the time I was 24, I would be a billionaire. At the age of 26, I realized that this was impossible. All the things I've dreamed of are impossible. I wanted to kill myself. I then directly said that if I had known at 16 that at the age of 26 I was going to live LIKE THIS,,,,, then I would have committed suicide right then at 16.

    And now I'm 31 and older. I understand that life is interesting not only for money, high status, or power. You can be happy without it. Therefore, even if I find out now that I will never achieve anything in my life, I will say that it means that it was God's will.

    Of course, I would not want to live a life of marginality like my parents and grandparents. And I would like to live like my distant relative, great-great-great-grandmother Ushakova, who had her own estate, and even better, like my relatives Ushakov lived with serfs until 1861.

    But that was so long ago that now it is difficult to say what is true and what is fiction. The story about the Ushakovs is more of a beautiful legend than the truth. But my life is a reality.

    But continuing the Precepts of my Ancestors, I am a monarchist, Orthodox, conservative. And I understand that my life is in God's hands, not mine. All its contents are written by God. And if God wants me to be a redneck, then I will be a redneck and nothing can change that.

    Therefore, I will have to live enjoying what I can get pleasure from. This is football, computer, communication. Politics, history. I run my own blog.


    All these are small joys. And this is not enough. In the Soviet Department, people did not have this either. In short, you need to rejoice in what the Lord sends you and be able to thank Him for it. There are some things we can't change. And you have to put up with it.

    To shine coats of arms on the Kremlin

    And the capital was revived

    So that grace may be sent down to the earth

    Let us pray, brothers

    To stay on the spiritual height

    Forgive with your heart and don't be angry

    Live in piety and purity

    Let us pray fervently

    All confess their guilt before God

    Bow low to the cross

    To smell the country under you

    Let us pray to the Most Pure One

    By faith in salvation while living and grieving

    Don't be tempted by your favorites

    So that Russia can live up to the Tsar

    Let us endure and pray

    So that the Lord hides from adversity

    So that you can receive communion

    So that the Antichrist does not take Russia

    Let us pray to the Most Pure One

    That she was forever pure

    People's Faith zenitsa

    Let's be for the Russian Church of Christ

    Stand to the death and pray

  8. Or maybe I won't achieve any of my goals or fulfill the dreams that I currently have, because I will radically change my outlook on life, as a result of which I will have new goals and dreams? It's happened to me, and it probably will happen a thousand times more. In my opinion, this is life)))

  9. The art of living is to set realistic goals. And turn your dreams into plans. Create a program and perform swot analysis.
    Such a problem can arise when a person goes to prison. Or become disabled. And get that you can enjoy life. And you can be grateful.

  10. I would put the question a little differently:”If our humane state gave you all the opportunities to implement all your plans, without entering into a deal with your conscience…, further in the text.

    And so…After all, I live…

  11. This would be one of my happiest days! Hegel also said: the end is nothing, the means are everything! If a person has fulfilled all his dreams, he has nothing to do here. Live from goal to goal…from dream to dream…it's like chasing the horizon. The faster you run to her, the faster she runs away from you…
    As it was said in the 1st story (out of 101 Zen Stories): Don't overfill the cup! Something like that…

  12. Don't set goals. Try to live. Well, for example, like a flower. Not that the rose set a goal to become a rose, and those who did not succeed became buttercups, forget-me-nots or even Timothy grass?

  13. I still know (not all the goals, but a large number), but I live after all. Whether I succeed or not, the joy of it will be short-lived, and there is zero global meaning in this, as in everything, in general) So, “steal, kill, fuck and geese”)

  14. The question is too abstract. Even, rather, a logical loop is a trap, not a question.

    First of all, what is the miraculous way I find out?

    Secondly, well, let's say I find out that I will not achieve my goals and dreams by the end of my life and decide for this reason to interrupt my life right now. Then, I will make this prediction true, because at the moment the goals have not yet been achieved, and the end of life will come.)))

    Third, all these global dreams and goals are imposed from the outside and are aimed at integrating into the artificial society that surrounds us. Paradoxically, when everything goes according to plan, I'm more likely to be disappointed. It's boring.

  15. I didn't achieve any of my goals, and as for my dream – well, if a cat can be considered a dream come true… I didn't do any other tasks. And I live. And I realize that all my goals and dreams were one huge piece of nonsense, put into my head by someone who didn't know why, so that I would die in pursuit of something that I absolutely didn't need. If any of this had happened, I would have been much more unhappy than I am now.

  16. This will not happen, because I have already listened and performed.

    But in general, you need some mega-incredible circumstances to get lost right here are ALL the goals and dreams. Goals are not a constant. They adapt to the circumstances. Even if there is a zombie-alien apocalypse, you will have goals. Which you can achieve. True, they mutate into something like ” get food and not become a zombie in the next half hour.” Well, or in “get delicious brains”, if you're lucky. But the goals are the same)

  17. I already know that. But life goes on, I wonder what will happen next! Maybe I'll be wrong. Hope, curiosity, and it's a pity to lose what was lived and acquired, I'm not talking about things right now.

  18. Apparently, my instinct for self-preservation would formulate a new paradigm like “the main thing is not to win, but to participate” and force me to try to get pleasure from the process.

  19. Well, of course I would have continued to live! Goals are great, but according to many psychologists, they even hinder us, limiting and frustrating-both in the case of achievement (“what should I do next?”), and in the case of non-achievement (“I'm incompetent and no good!”)
    , any life is better than no life. Just like that.

  20. Yes, I won't win a Nobel Prize and I won't plant cedar forests on Mars (two of my childhood dreams). But then, in the 80s, it was more realistic to dream about a flight to Mars. But if I had been told that I could travel around the world without restrictions, that I could read any books in good quality (and not a copy through a third carbon copy), that I would safely get to a Sting concert or Dispatches of Fashion and be aware of world theater premieres, then I would have lived with even greater enthusiasm.

    I had a crisis in the late 90's, when I realized that in my chosen specialty in Russia, nothing can be achieved due to the fact that they fell behind, fell behind and fell behind again. And she was not ready to leave for good for the sake of scientific and professional implementation. But there was a family, a child, and the value system changed.�

    Now I'm in my 40s, and my dreams are changing again. You can afford to realize yourself in what you didn't have time for before – creativity, travel. I still want to live))))

  21. All this nonsense about the “great goals” of life and “achievements” is 99.9% generated by envy for a happy and rich life of pictures from photo stocks, advertising and Instagram celebrities.

    As long as this is not implemented in the head, a person is happy with the process and from everyday discoveries. Almost everyone experiences this as a child.

    So you trade the happiness of life available right now for permanent butthert and envy, falling for the hook of marketers and advertisers.

  22. If I don't fulfill any more of my dreams and achieve any of my goals for the rest of my life, it will only mean that my end is too close, so much so that I simply won't have time to do it 🙂

    I can't imagine a situation in which I wouldn't be able to achieve what I want (barring total loss of legal capacity, but that's more like death). I've done this many times, and it's actually very simple. This is life. I set a lot of goals, big and small, some work out, some don't, some transform and become obsolete. Dreams, too. I don't see the dream as something global and difficult to achieve. I have a million little wishes that I can easily fulfill with a little time or money, and I will do it. There are big ones that require more time, money, and luck. But some dreams will be realized without fail, and some will not. This is a constant process, dreams, goals and desires constantly arise, are realized, fail, become obsolete. I love life and I love its various manifestations. I'll be happy if I'm rich, and I'll be happy if I just have enough to live on. I like different activities, I could work in different fields. I like different options, and my dreams could be almost the opposite. With such a broad approach, I will never give up on life.

  23. I will not fulfill any of my dreams at all, or all the dreams made before the expert assessment?) this is an important clarification, because in the second version, all that remains is to replay the wording and continue to dream further . And of course, the question is how much I can trust the source of such information.

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