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  1. drugs have a very strong effect on consciousness, change it, and not for the better, although they give the illusion of” enrichment ” – that is why people who use them pay an exorbitantly expensive price for their imaginary happiness and imaginary development.

    The only advantage of using them can be the opportunity to tell others that you should not go on this road, you will lose your horse, you will lose your head, and so on, provided that you yourself will be saved and pulled out of this pit.

  2. The natural question is the development of what. For the most part, drugs only change the perception of the world around them. They do not carry any new information that could develop something in the individual. Only a reassessment of the information already received through the drug-distorted prism of perception of the surrounding reality, which returns to its normal state after the drug effect ceases.

  3. With the right approach, of course it can.

    It's just that most people take all sorts of substances stupidly to relax / not sleep and for other specific purposes. “I want to swell up / smoke a cigarette to relax, not to think about work” – this is what the overwhelming majority says. If this happens in the same company on Fridays , what kind of development can we talk about?

    Another point is that when you take a new substance, you really discover something new, but subsequent times do not give such an effect. Ideally, try everything once at a time.

    In general, books and travel develop best of all.

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