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  1. Not at all. The fact that telepathy exists, in my opinion, has already been proven more than once, but this does not mean that it is so easy to telepathically contact another person. Firstly, because these abilities manifest themselves either in stressful situations, or if they are trained, developed.

    If not, then in the information noise that surrounds a person, telepathically (mentally) it is almost impossible to break through to him.

    Of course, there are different cases, but the general trend is as I described.

  2. If you think about a person for a long time, especially while experiencing some emotions, desires, and fantasies, you will create an energy binding to them. If that person is sensitive to this kind of thing, they can feel the impact, but not the fact that they will determine its source, if you do not communicate, do not intersect, are far away. If there are any contacts, then you can give yourself away simply by your behavior.

  3. If you just think about it in your head, then of course it won't think. We are skeptics and do not believe in telepathy? However, by an effort of will, thoughts turn into actions, and by these actions we can encourage a person to think about us.

  4. No. If you think about Albert Einstein, he will definitely not think about you. So it is with everyone else, living and dead. Everyone thinks that he is the center of the world, and he is just flying in a universe whose dimensions exceed his understanding.

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