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  1. Happiness is a very multidimensional and personalized concept. In general, happiness is life satisfaction. That is, everyone has their own happiness. People are all different. For some, relationships and people are more important, for others, material prosperity and expensive things are more important. � �

    And I am very confused by the word “must” in the question about happiness. My hypothesis is that feelings of happiness and well-being are strongly connected. The more a person “owes”, the less happy they are.

  2. I don't like the question itself, it forces you to choose one of two options. There is always an alternative – the third, fifth, or tenth option. I don't like the word “attached”, it's some kind of compulsion, dependence. Let's just say you need to try to achieve a goal or a harmonious relationship with people? What if the goal is relationships with people?

    I think so – you need to understand that for you true happiness, not “success”, “fulfillment of desires” or some other substitution of concepts. Remember the happiest moments in your life and analyze them-why you were happy then and how to achieve it again. Then the dichotomy of choosing one or the other will disappear by itself. These are not mutually exclusive options.

    People are different, and so are goals. In the end, our peace of mind is the only thing we should strive for.

  3. If you want to lead a happy life, lead it.

    Why get attached to something? Strong attachment is a kind of addiction. It will not make you happy: it is linked to your fears and expectations. And life is so organized that expectations are almost never fully realized.

    In this regard, attachment to the goal has its own danger: you live in the future. You live your dreams and the moment where “your life is better because you have achieved a goal.” And the present is perceived as inferior. But this is not the case. After all, the present is the only thing that is real in essence.

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