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  1. It depends on what purpose you have suspected.

    If they think that it is for the purpose of desecration , then they will think so.

    If they think that it is for the purpose of sanctification, then they will consider it so.

    If something-say that in order to cure the disease and exorcise evil spirits used.

  2. Sanctification of intimate places, there is no difference what you wash, the main thing is that you believe in the sanctification of holy water. January 19 at Epiphany in all reservoirs and even water from the tap is considered holy.

  3. And why is the question put like this at all? What exactly is wrong with intimate places? It all depends on your intentions. You can also wash your hands (i.e., not your private parts) with holy water in order to then carefully and cleanly strangle someone with God's help. Or as it is now, for example, fashionable – to sprinkle weapons of mass destruction. The guns will do more damage than your private parts. Is this the desecration of water or the consecration of tools? Probably, however, one does not interfere with the other.

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