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  1. I wouldn't say anything. In the end, everything is not so bad, there is nothing to change. The only thing is that you could learn about your interests and some plans for the future, look at some life positions, and then quietly digest where something was successful and where there was a turning point.

  2. It's not interesting to talk to a five-year-old, but if we had the opportunity to talk to a fifteen-year-old, we would have a heated conversation like this. I think I'd have to explain to snotlout what he's wrong about.

  3. I would say to myself then, ” don't be afraid of anything and always do what you think is right.”

    And I would also ask myself not to spend my mother's 3 rubles in the 2nd grade….)

  4. I would say: “learn physics, don't marry your husband and make your parents go to the doctor before your health is completely out of whack. And of course, don't go near your first love for anything!” Probably everything)

  5. Do not be afraid of anything, learn and do not look back at other people, do not worry that they will judge you or start comparing you to someone else.

    Go ahead, enjoy your life and listen to Dad's advice, he is clearly some kind of wizard and knows the future.

    And, Ninok, less candy, please.

  6. In 2 years, your mother will suggest that you go to art school, don't go!!! You'll be wasting 7 years. It is better to go to sambo as you wanted.�

    When you are in Vladivostok for the first time and go to see the guns, open them and tell your mother or take her with you. And then I got lost in my time in a strange city, being a 7-year-old. If you didn't listen, then call a policeman (policeman) из

    Do you remember that girl who used to tell poetry in the library? You'll meet her in the future. DON'T DATE HER! This girl will take up more time than an artist, and also for nothing.�

    Don't hit the ice with Zahar, he will drop a rock on you and break your finger, the scar will be forever.�

    Be treated in the wrong city, doctors from your city will only make it worse, go to Krasnoyarsk.�

    From the 7th grade, learn physics, it will be useful to you.�

    If you meet a girl in the summer of 2014, then don't leave her, she's probably the most normal person I've ever met.�

    Otherwise, keep listening to no one and do things your own way, you're almost always right.

  7. A Little Humor !

    Surely everyone would have just one phrase,

    given the current situation!

    Dude, there's no time to explain, don't listen to anyone and buy Dollars =)

  8. In a year, your parents will decide to send you to karate. Get out of there by all means – this will save you from the hassle and hump on the nose from a soccer ball hammered in your face. And in any case, do not go to a summer sports camp, where everyone will mock you. It's better to insist on gymnastics-you have all the data for professional sports, it will be very disappointing to lose them.

  9. I wouldn't say anything. I believe that attempts to change the present by influencing the past would not lead to good (if it were possible). The butterfly effect, all that

  10. -you will play caps under the stairs at school in a year, so when you get trampled and you win all the caps from your classmates-turn around! Elena Anatolyevna will stand behind you and stare sternly at the casino that has opened up in front of her. You don't have more than three seconds to put the chips in your pockets before she takes them. And the feeling of triumph will be replaced by universal disappointment. Now for the tip. No need to worry about this – in your life more than once women will take away the most expensive – get used to overcome

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