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  1. I wanted to answer the doctors, but then I realized that there were also quite a few moral freaks among them. To be honest, I can't find this question correct. Of course, the first thing that catches your eye is doctors, firefighters, and the police. However, how are other professions worse? Yes, the same teachers taught you everything. The lawyer helped you in court. This is something that immediately catches your eye. But everywhere there are pros and cons, it is difficult for me to send a person to heaven by profession alone (if it exists, of course.

  2. and what does the profession have to do with it?) how can you let into paradise people who save humanity for money?)

    Then let's go to heaven and let everyone in a row, including robots. cars out there also save people now, however, under the influence of the program, but what's the difference?)))

    Okay, if this is a direct task and there is no other one… then a professional organ donor))

    that's for sure, a person has distributed all the organs, what could be more useful

  3. And I would quickly-quickly get there all the rulers, oligarchs, in general, you know. The elite of all sorts, monopolists, politicians… Let them already live like a human being, otherwise they will only promise us. And here we are, without them, we would have had a lot of fun !

  4. Homeless people.
    You also need to be able to survive without the Internet, without proper food, at home, and a permanent job, so I consider this a profession. (to be honest, these guys don't survive that long.)

    As an alternative: scientists, hmm.
    I'm talking about people working in the scientific field. They will be very interested there.

    Another option: volunteers, those who help someone on a regular basis. Let's call them professional volunteers.

    Or he wouldn't let anyone in. Because don't give a fuck. Sit in your purgatory pissing. Those who deserve it will go to hell in general, so don't fuck around there. GG WP.

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