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  1. I would try not to spoil everything that he has already done and, if possible, return it to the owner in one piece.

    Remember the movie “Bruce Almighty” – there the main character just had such a chance, and you can't say that he was able to bring something. He barely made it, because we can't even imagine what a burden it is to be a God.

  2. When they say this, they usually expect that people will do something, with such and such incredible forces. Here the limiters will already come into play. You may have the ability to change everything in an instant with just a thought, but how well can you control your desires? You may accidentally come up with the idea – to destroy everything irrevocably, and now, all that was created earlier, you killed without even thinking about the decision.

    If your constraints are not so weak, and in order for your wishes to come true, you will need at least to give confirmation, then yes, there are much less problems.

    But now for the next question. If anything happens in this universe, it's by a certain logic. Nothing can happen without logic. If I have this power, then there is a reason why I have it and no one else has it. It doesn't matter if I can turn out all the most desirable things in reality, or leave everything as it is. It is much more important to understand why I need these powers. Edit it? Change the world? Give people even more opportunities to develop? Or maybe I would like to go back, pretend to be a very ordinary person and do whatever I want, along with making any person gasp at their capabilities?

    None of this matters at all. If you have literally unlimited possibilities, then there will be nothing interesting for you, because you can know absolutely everything, you know the future, and not a single answer to the question will escape you. And in order to say what the meaning of life is , you don't need to have any special powers at all. This question is usually asked by those who have just lost this meaning. I live for myself and my imaginary friends, who help me better than anyone else. I look for meaning in everything, even if it is very unpleasant (trash), it can still be worthy of my attention.

    What's the point? I see myself as a person who has a brain. The brain is much cooler than I am, and as much as I don't want to, it has a lot more power than I do. But even so, under the right conditions, it works according to the instructions. I, as a person, can already know and understand what these conditions are, and with the necessary knowledge, I can like to push levers and get the result I need. The brain has needs, and in order to satisfy them, it has to resort to using carrot and stick over us. Getting a good condition, we literally get the gingerbread ourselves. Without doing anything, we feel bad, we start to starve, and over time, our muscles can begin to atrophy, our vision to fall, and our will to fade. In such conditions, the body will quickly exhaust itself, so that the brain can make decisions that would not end so quickly, for example: replace the current person who has completely lowered his hands, so that the new one will already act as the brain needs. In general, the brain and memory can easily turn as it pleases. The brain is already a kind of god, above personalities.

    The very concept of “god” for me is just a term, it is the desire of people to believe in someone who rules, who will help, who follows with good intentions, who will give good luck and so on (Even my imaginary friends include all these plops). All this was invented by people, and it is difficult for me to say who said it first, the brain or the personality. But individuals are definitely helped by all these faith-related thoughts.

    The question was, what would I do if I had the abilities of a god? I would give answers to the questions that always torment me, that's all, I don't need more from these forces. I feel that this world is now very open to me, as if it is open, and whatever problems I may face in the future, I know that I will find a way out.

    If you are interested in what kind of questions, then hold on:

    1. Why my life has been so ambiguous (I would say very ambiguous), but I will soon give an answer to this question myself.

    2. The question of why people behave so unusually, in some situations(in what exactly I will not say, this is no longer for society: y), but even here I myself am ready to give an answer.

    3. How would I achieve absolute solitude, even where there are always people around? If you are wondering why I need to be alone, just know that while I am alone-my relationships with imaginary friends can reach a new level, and with them I can change all of myself in the way I would like, I believe that they will help me find the perfect me.

  3. I certainly would not have assumed such powers.Super-responsible status.Whatever I did, it would be bad.God is all-encompassing love for everyone.I can't do that.

  4. From a Christian point of view, the question itself is blasphemous and blasphemous, since the creation cannot actually become a Creator who was not created by anyone, but who was eternal and created everything Himself. That is, even theoretically to assume that any creation could become God is impossible, since it is impossible to become God, one must always be God, even before the creation of time and space, since God is outside of time and space, and therefore eternal and omnipresent. Therefore, it is impossible for us, as creatures, to know the Lord, since we live within the limits of our world and universal laws, and our mind is limited, since only the Creator has unlimited knowledge.
    But if you imagine, just fantasize, that you are God-eternal, omnipotent and omniscient, then you could do whatever you want, because for you there would be no limits and restrictions, you would build the rules yourself and be the founder of laws, you would be able to create many universes and living beings, even the most extraordinary ones, unicorns there are some. You could create colors that didn't exist, you could create anything you wanted, and any figment of your imagination could make it a reality. Since you don't have a sense of time (or you do, but you perceive it differently), you wouldn't get bored or bored with anything, given that you're all-powerful and could get high with just a snap of your fingers. Something like this 🙂

  5. I planted a garden. So big, so big. Lots of flowers and trees to have. And I would have cured all the children with cancer, all of them.. Even at the last stage. And I would have brought them to this garden. And then she would have fallen asleep and woken up not as a god, but simply as an ordinary person. I answer honestly. Thanks for the question.

  6. Got enough sleep b…)Then I would walk on the Ground…by different countries and epochs…be sure to visit my favorite ancient world of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome…I would have listened to Homer live,attended the military council of Gaius Julius Caesar…I drank some Beverly wine with Adrian at his villa, looking out at Rome at night from the vine-covered terrace, talking idly about the times…morals…about starfall and immortality…And then b warmed up in the battle on the side of 300 Spartans…I would get involved in a showdown between Alexander the Great and the Persians…on the side of the latter…) And I would certainly get involved in the last battle of Svyatoslav there…on the Dnieper rapids…And this Russian prince would have stayed alive and then drank intoxicants from a silver-trimmed bowl made from the head of his enemy, and not vice versa … Well…and then would have given the ENTIRE human race the opportunity to fulfill a single wish once in the life of each individual, with the undisclosed condition that it will be a spiritual impulse that will bring profit to the global treasury of good…And he would take off the crown of the Demiurge, wishing to live the life of an ordinary person from birth to going beyond the edge, ordering himself to forget about his divine essence for all these years… to become who I am now and write these lines without suspecting that this is not an improvisation on a free topic, but a true memory that has slipped out of the unexpectedly opened door into My REAL DIVINE REALITY of the DEMIURGE…)

  7. I would have killed myself before anyone knew about me. So that people are not mistaken. Then life would be easier. So that we can finally believe in ourselves and not in God.

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