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  1. If I were to die tonight (God forbid), I would regret most of all that I deceived my relative by communicating with him on behalf of an unknown person. Because I fell in love with him a year or two ago. I told him on the phone that I loved him, and he also told me that he liked me too. I would regret that I cheated and could not admit as a kinswoman…

  2. I would spend my last hours with my parents…Things in my family are such that my dad is my best friend . And he knows almost everything about me, what's going on in my life, and so on. And I also remember to tell him that I love him . But the situation with my mother is quite different … And if it was all true , and now I have only 5-6 hours left of my life , I would just apologize and say that I love her . What about friends ? Well, nothing bad, I don't think I would say . Would you say something good ? Or not , I would have told the truth . But again, not all of them .

  3. I would send a newsletter to all my friends, saying that the demons are waiting for us all for tea, I would ask them not to be late, and I would also break off death by dying in the morning instead of in the evening.

  4. I wouldn't have changed anything, and I wouldn't have told anyone. I woke up in the morning and got a text message: “You will die tonight!” First of all, my mood will change to -100. Then I wouldn't even wash my face, maybe I would go for another staff, only this time for heavy drugs. (You can try, but if you know that you will die) Confidence in high feats will not increase, because the internal state will be worse than ever. And to say the unsaid will not work, because I always talk about everything at once.

  5. Now I will tell you from all the people who do not get along with their parents. If I had died that night, I would have been very sorry that I rarely said thank you to my parents for everything. It's hard to say it just like that, especially when there's a lot of shouting and shouting at home, but I know they know how I feel about them. And to everyone who knows me, I'm sorry that I was such a brute!)

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