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  1. Depending on what my goals would be. If this is a survey of passers-by on the street (I did a lot of these while working on TV), then everyone is asked the same questions on the topic. If this is a famous person (also a stranger), then questions are asked about her activities in accordance with a certain informational occasion. If it's just a stranger I want to meet , I'd ask about him in the light of what I'm personally interested in. There may be so many interview goals that there are simply no universal questions. I have some questions for you: what did you want to know by asking such a question? What kind of interview are we talking about?

  2. Well, first of all, the name, since all interviews call a person a guy is not very decent. I would ask him about his work, family, hobbies, and what he has achieved. Of course, questions should be asked depending on the topic of the interview, BUT first of all, the name.

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