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  1. I would suggest that he talk to a psychoanalyst. I am deeply convinced that people who are in their right mind do not ask to be stabbed.

    After all, there are plenty of ways to leave this world in a less idiotic way.

  2. This is possible in the most extreme case, when there are no other options for salvation. But in real life, there are many options and my best friend has no right to condemn a friend to a life of discord with his own conscience.

  3. I once had a similar incident…

    A friend asked to kill him, I know that he had problems with the girl there, but I didn't go into it much, because it will only irritate him more.

    And in general, that's why people write that they would ask, no! This is absolutely impossible to do, these actions will only cause more negative feelings and emotions under the influence of which a person could commit an even more bad act, just as many people do not like it when they start to calm them down in such a situation (for example, when you are angry and they say something else like calm down, I just want to

    Moved away from the topic, about a friend, after a moment of confusion, I picked up a knife, by the way, very sharp, it was similar to the knives of cooks in a restaurant, he had a lot of different things in the kitchen, he just says with relief beat in the heart, I don't think long and realizing that I need to sharply bring him to life and krvoi was quite a lot, at first I thought that I did it badly, I touched a vein or an artery, but he was just emotional, so the blood was running so actively. Immediately after cutting, the screams went and then I started swearing at him, throwing out all my emotions for a long time we communicated on the mats, bandaged his hand and seemed to calm down. Since then, 4 years have passed with a smile, we recall this story. I never asked what came over him, because he is a person of a similar character and if he does not want to tell you, you do not need to dokolupyvatsya, although it was always interesting.

    I had the feeling that on this day he was simply replaced, just a couple of days later he was again himself and as if nothing had happened. Also here I judge by myself, I do not remind him, I do not advise him to go to a psychiatrist, etc., because I would not like these tips.

  4. I'd like to talk to him. I'd say I'd stab myself, too. Why live without it? It might have saved him… I would try to convince you not to.

    After all, sometimes three minutes decide everything.

  5. First of all, I would be very scared. Everyone writes that they would take us to a psychologist, but it seems to me that the author of the question does not need advice, but our reactions.

    In general, I would be scared, because this is my best friend, I love him and I don't want him to die, especially at my hands. I would have asked him if he was joking. I would have burst into tears, hugged him, and asked him not to say it again. And then, when I got home, I would watch a lot of videos about how to deal with such cases and what to do to help him.

    I think I would have reacted that way.

  6. I usually make friends with people who have a sense of humor…
    After all, we are talking about the best friend?!,. Therefore, it all depends on the mood, whether it is worth maintaining the supposedly humorous topic or curtailing the conversation…

  7. To be honest, I would have tied him up and called the psychiatric team, and then I would have gone to the ambulance with him. But here you still need to take into account the severity of the situation: whether your friend is energetic or not depends on how often they ask for it. That is, there is a chance of suicide if you leave him alone. This is your friend, after all. If a person asks for this in a clear mind, then this is almost 100% depression, and severe, and this should not be trifled with.

  8. What answer do you want to hear? In every country I know, murder is a criminal offense, whether the victim asked you to or not. Therefore, a sane person can only respond to such a request in one way: refuse and deliver the petitioner to a psychiatrist as quickly as possible(namely, to a psychiatrist, and not to a psychologist or psychoanalyst, because the petitioner is clearly not healthy and dangerous to himself).

  9. Murder of a person under Russian law (Article 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) is punishable by a term of 6 to 15 years.

    Regardless of the level of relations with a person, I would not take his life: this crime would eat me from the inside (remember Rodion Raskolnikov) + the aforementioned criminal term.

    Break your life to fulfill a friendly request? No, thank you. Friends must live

  10. I would have thought it was a joke right away, but if a friend tried to convince me otherwise, the first thing I would ask was: “What? Are you serious? What for? If there was nothing strange in the behavior, except for the request itself, then I would calmly behave, and then I don't even know if I would ask for details or vice versa

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