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  1. It is not necessary to be killed, or to achieve. It's very simple. There's no point in reaching out to someone you love if you know it's going to be a one-goal game. And even if you win the favor of someone you like, without reciprocating, will it be happiness? But you should not be upset either. Love is a permanent state. It comes and goes. Do you really think that on your way you will not meet anyone else who would like you? This person will definitely meet.

  2. Any action is followed by another action. Standing and watching is just as stupid as waiting and hoping, it may or may not happen.

    Many relationships and love could be preserved by people if they worked on relationships more often, but for some reason a person firmly believes that the impossible most often remains impossible.

    Anyone who knows at least something about life and its insidiousness knows what is better to do than not to do and regret.

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