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  1. Yes, it is possible. But Omnipotence is always relative.

    The Creator is Omnipotent for His creation.

    The programmer is for the virtual world of the game he created, and God is for the world he created.

    For the inhabitants of these worlds, the Creator is Absolute.

    Everything that is created is created by Him and there is nothing that is not created by Him.

  2. Hello, Mary.

    The omnipotence of the Three Persons of the Holy Trinity is not contradictory, but one. The Son does the will of the Father, the Holy Spirit does the will of the Father and the Son. God Has One Will, One Mind, One Essence. When we speak of the Will and Mind of God, we are referring to His omnipotence and omniscience, not to any organs that God does not have.

    The existence of two omnipotent people is always a failure. For the book of Genesis says, ” When the giants were great, iniquity abounded on the earth.” We know that the Righteous Lord preserved the human race in eight souls in the ark, and the rest were destroyed by the flood.

    When people are with God, they are strong by His power, and with God they are omnipotent, but without God they are weak and insignificant. With God, they are wise and omniscient with divine omniscience, but they are foolish and pathetic.

    Man will not become God, for God is unchangeable and eternal. But a person will become like God (if he wants to and works hard) and will be enlightened by Divine omniscience and omnipotence to the extent possible for a person.

  3. There is such a thing as the omnipotence paradox. This is a complex of paradoxes that call into question the possibility of the existence of an omnipotent being. Example. If a creature has become omnipotent, can it create a stone that cannot be lifted? If it can, then how will it raise it, if it is impossible to raise it according to the introductory data? And if it can't, then the creature isn't omnipotent either. An interesting reason to think

  4. There is no need to assume someone else's authority. The Almighty is only the Creator. It was He who gave us intelligence. And He really wants us to use it. The main thing is to correctly understand your role and place in his plan.

  5. A classic logic puzzle. One creates an impenetrable wall that cannot be penetrated, the other-a core, a projectile that penetrates everything. And whose “omnipotence” is cooler? As a result, they can be omnipotent, and achieve some success in their activities only when they act together, in concert, without opposing themselves to others. This is roughly how it works in Christianity, where God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit are different entities, in different hypostases of the God we know, but they act as one.

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