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  1. The attitude of the majority of respondents to justice is surprising. Supposedly, this is a relative norm and depends on the time and place. Of course, this is a misconception. They talk about morality.

    There is nothing complicated in the concept of justice – it is retribution on merit. What really differs in time and place is the assessment of merit and the” size ” of the reward, but the essence has never changed. Therefore, justice can reasonably be considered a universal principle. Justice is the same for all unrelated peoples and cultures at different times.

    If I were all-powerful and just, I would not evaluate, destroy, preserve, improve, teach-I would not do anything to humanity. Humanity must go through all its stages of growing up on its own, and it cannot be done for it without negative consequences. Humanity can survive and succeed, or self-destruct on its own. However, it is not a fact that I would not have intervened privately in specific cases.

    And one more clarification, is it possible for me, who is so omnipotent, to love women? And then well, nafig such omnipotence.))

  2. I would have kept it for the same reason that humanity is still preserved: as long as people have the opportunity to choose between good and evil,there is always a chance that everything will be better than it was. So people are worthy of life as long as they retain their ability to be human.

  3. I'd rather be an observer. Very interesting indeed… Person… Such a powerful and fragile creature at the same time… Will humanity be able to realize a number of its cancer mistakes? Will he be able to learn to avoid them?

    That would be interesting to watch. Will man destroy himself or come to a universal understanding?

    And destroying everything at once would be at least boring.

  4. Oh, Mary, Mary.

    Why imagine a guillotine with a digital analyzer, in the program of which an algorithm is introduced for a problem with the frequency of coin sides falling out, where the obverse means an easy and quick death, and the reverse means a hard and painful life.

    Immediately make a reservation that with the largest possible number of attempts to try fate for luck, approximately an equal number of cases fall out, both those and opposite combinations.

    Cases when a coin falls on an edge or hangs in the air are considered to be below statistical reliability and are discarded as an error of Divine Providence or a program virus.

    Justice lies in the choice of the frequency response of Fate and is devoid of human preferences, guaranteeing the absolute impartiality of the mathematical approach method.

    For the second part of the question-solving the problem of overpopulation of the planet, a forecast is made for only half of humanity, which continues to drag its life with an all-powerful and fair Mega-computer.

    If humanity interferes with the development of artificial intelligence, so much the worse for it…

  5. Humanity has only one PRIMARY fault, error, sin –

    lives by very bad destructive anti-ecological rules – to correct this dislocation, it is enough to change the bad anti-ecological rules to good ecological rules and this is enough to solve all the existing problems of cultural residence of a much larger population on Earth.

  6. What is an action?

    Action is always essentially an exchange of one state of affairs for another state of affairs.

    So that's how com. von Mises back in 1920… if you are omnipotent, then you don't have to do anything anymore!!!!!!!!!

    Everything is already arranged in one moment as you like=))

  7. Nature has created humanity as a valuable universal tool for solving its/nature's problems.

    Nature is very careful about all its creatures and the main laws of physics clearly indicate this.

  8. It is not clear: for what reason “You” need to deal with people, and based on this: what criteria of justice do “you” have ( as stated in the first answer). For example, if we talk about the Christian Creator God, then He treats people not justly, but with fatherly love (So pray like this: Our Father…) God is transforming people into a new evolutionary entity, so to speak. The sinfulness of people is a disease of growth. What we see in life is the tip of the iceberg. In the afterlife, too, there is a spiritual battle. God the Son becomes Christians.

    The fact that people feel the wrongness of being, the injustice of higher forces-says that the process of creating a new being passes through the souls of people. Otherwise, why would we be so worried? All the rest of the creature turns in its own orbits, lives with its own instincts and does not feel this wrongness of the world. About evil https://proza.ru/2020/03/11/546

  9. The ERROR of the question is,

    that people can be both super-positive and super-negative, “all cut under one comb” is unreasonable and unfair.

    The question could only be asked about hardened villains

  10. Like a Super-yaba god.. spared your life, you pathetic, impudent humans. Why. Because no matter how Powerful I am, I obey the unshakable Laws of the universe of gods. Do not destroy what You did not create yourself. For this will bring chaos and destroy the harmony of the world in which I am a Super-god who lives forever and dwells. But I don't need it. So-live and continue to destroy your Land and destroy yourself)

  11. I would have spared the life of humanity. As it is written in the Gospel. Yes, people commit crimes and don't get punished for it. What is worth only the murder of Holy Royal Martyrs. But in the words of Christ, sinners have not yet received punishment, “because the time of harvest has not yet come.” The end of the World will inevitably come and then all the prophecies will come true. Christ will come to Earth again and judge all people. That's when Yurovsky and his entire gang will be finally punished and justice will prevail.

    In the meantime, in the words of Christ, let us recall the gospel parable. A peasant came to the field and sowed the field with spikelets. The spikelets were small and it was not clear where exactly the farmer planted each seed. The next night after sowing, the enemy of the peasant came to the field and sowed weeds between the good spikelets. The spikelets began to ripen and the farmer saw that weeds were growing along with healthy spikelets.

    The peasant was frightened and began to think about what to do. He didn't have the ability to pull out all the weeds. Because if you start cutting weeds now, you can destroy healthy ears of corn along with them. If the weeds are not destroyed, then healthy ears of corn will all die early because the weeds will take away their energy and prevent them from growing in every possible way.

    The peasant's situation is a stalemate. No matter what decision he makes, all the healthy spikelets will die early. And then the farmer decided that he would not pull out the spikelets. He will wait until the time of harvest comes. By this time, some of the healthy spikelets will die, but the rest will rise and they can be collected. And throw the weeds in the trash.

    So the peasant did. He lost part of the crop, but kept the weeds that had passed to the end. And he took it to his closet. I threw the weeds into the landfill.

    The peasant is the Lord God. The enemy is Satan. He sowed weeds last night. The field is our Land. Weeds are sinners and demons. Ears of corn are people and righteous people. The Harvest is the End of the World. When Christ comes down from the Neebs and judges us all. Hell and death will give up the dead and everyone will get a chance at forgiveness.

    From the whore of Babylon and Satan himself, the Antichrist will be born out of a test tube. He will be very strong. He will capture Jerusalem and build his temple on the Temple Mount by destroying the Al-Aqsa Mosque. His power will be so powerful that Christ will appear on earth for the second time to defeat him. He will ask all the righteous to come down from heaven and help Christians in the fight against the antichrist.

    The Holy Royal Family, together with Christ, will descend from heaven and fight the antichrist. Nicholas II will again lead Russia. At the same time, Christ will free all sinners from hell and each of them will have the choice to fight on the side of the antichrist or Christ.

    Christ will win. The Antichrist and his servants will be thrown into hell completely, where they will languish until complete decomposition. And those who will be with Christ will go to Heaven. However, as you know, this will not save the Earth. Our planet will inevitably die due to natural physical causes.

    If we destroy humanity now, we will be like a peasant who does not wait for the harvest, but tries to cut out the weeds before they ripen. This can be done, but this is due to the fact that healthy ears of corn will die directly at the hands of the peasant.

    God cannot kill the righteous with his own hands. Not even one. So He prefers to wait for the harvest. He allows people to commit iniquity. Because the time of harvest has not yet come, and if he now begins to punish sinners, then the righteous will inevitably suffer from his “punishment”. This is the connection between good and evil in the present world.

    Therefore, God assigned the role of executioner to Satan. And man is fighting Satan. He trusts in God. But in addition to the all-American End of the World, each of us is waiting for a personal End of the World. This is our passage to Heaven. This is the time of harvest for any of us.

    If a person has passed the path on Earth and has not become a weed, then he will be saved and go to Heaven. He will wait for the End of the World to come to Earth again and fight with Christ against the antichrist. If he has become a weed, then he will wait for the same, but not in Heaven.

    Although the door to hell has a sign that says “give up hope, everyone who enters here”, you should not seriously believe it. Satan, as is usually the case with such creatures, is overconfident. Of course, Christ already destroyed hell once in 33 AD, when He freed all the Old Testament prophets, Adam and Eve, from there. It will destroy us again, freeing us. The main thing is to be with Christ at the End of Time.

    Therefore, as a God, I would not be able to destroy humanity now. I have a father. And he charged me not to begin the trial of men until the time of harvest came. Because even in the name of justice, I have no right to allow an innocent person to imitate me. Otherwise, I will not be God, but Satan.

  12. Well, why the hell destroy it? I am omnipotent, just, not human… I'm doing well, making cakes out of galaxies and planning a new multiverse. Well, some incomprehensible devils live there somewhere, do something, but I can't deal with it? Of course I can – I'm all-powerful, damn it.

  13. After pondering this question for a while longer, I came to the conclusion that such a God would most likely not interfere with the process of the universe at all, only observe.

    The whole problem is the ultimate evil of the universe – entropy.

    Whatever you do with the universe, entropy will kill it anyway, and any organization of the universe will be meaningless, because the result will be the same in any case – heat death.

    So, if the action is meaningless, then inaction in this case seems more meaningful.

    From this point of view, only self-regulation of the universe seems to be the only acceptable way to control a doomed world, and this is only fair, because if you are destined to die anyway, then die with free will.

    A dying wish, so to speak.

  14. I would leave it as it is, since everything is infinitely perfect as it is. The problem is not the imperfection of the world, but the imperfection of vision. We look at the world through the lens of the ego-mind and see a distorted picture. But from the perfect, the imperfect cannot be born. But we do not understand the meaning of what is happening, we do not understand the meaning and purpose of our life and the role of the surrounding world in the evolution of our consciousness. Therefore, it is necessary not to correct the world, but to correct your vision.

  15. God is already saving the lives of billions of people and showing patience. Although there is much evil and injustice in the world, evil does not come from God. His Word says:

    “When trouble happens, don't say,' This is a trial from God.' God is not subject to evil and trouble, and He does not send trouble on anyone ” (James 1: 13).

    “The Lord tests the righteous, but his soul hates the wicked and the violent” (Psalm 10: 5).

    Why does God allow people to suffer when he hates evil and tolerates violent people? According to the Holy Scriptures, God allows suffering for several reasons. Would you like to know the answer from the Bible?

  16. And you imagine that you are a simple person, you sat down in a comfortable place in the evening, closed your eyes and ears (the most correct option would be to cut off the signals from all the senses of the physical body) and the world familiar to you ceased to exist. He has stopped influencing you, and you have stopped interacting with him, and now there is no more peace for you. Of course, you will continue to assume that the world has other observers through which it continues to exist, this is true, but nevertheless for you the world will no longer exist. If your consciousness completely disconnects itself from this chain, it will continue to exist parallel to the world, as if in different spheres of existence. Your attention is diverted from the current world and those who live in it, completely switching to yourself. At the same time, the consciousness cannot afford inactivity, so most likely it will scroll through the experienced events in front of the inner eye, going back along the time line in its memory. You will remember past events and see the familiar world and familiar people again. Imagine for a moment that this world is not just represented by you, but began to exist because of you. Depending on the power of your consciousness, you can change this world at will, influence the order of events and the behavior of characters in it. Now imagine that you fell asleep and see this world in your dream. The volume of your consciousness has decreased and you have lost touch with some parts of it, so you don't remember yourself. Now you exist in your own world, which you create. Imagine that this happens in reality, but it is somewhat more complicated. We generate ourselves in the past in order to put the parts of our consciousness in the right order in the future. For a fully conscious state, time does not exist and everything takes place in all states and positions. Information about everything is stored in every atom, in every molecule of matter. All moves are recorded, but the implementation of specific paths depends on us, as one of many results. We create and destroy worlds every second without even noticing it. So I would leave it as it is, because it's not all for nothing.

  17. People are stupid, they destroy themselves. So I would create hell and heaven and then create them and attach a scale from 0 to 100 to each one. With a bad act, points would decrease and with a good one, they would naturally increase, and would also inform everyone in the world that now there is hell and heaven, everyone who has less than 45 points will go to hell, who has more to heaven. And anyone who has more than 80 points, I would extend their life.

  18. I would destroy not only humanity, but the entire universe in its entirety, not limited only to the material, since justice is possible only under the condition of exclusively “pure nothingness”; all spiritual entities, whatever they may be called in different teachings, all the higher and lower planes of existence, atman, brahman, loki, samsara; if you want — Atzilut, Beria, Yetzirah and Asia; also forces, principles, thrones, dominions, authorities; angels and archangels; cherubim and others.seraphim; the devil and all devils… There should be nothing left. I do not attempt to destroy God, but it would be good for Him to stay and live forever in proud solitude. Only in this would there be justice.

  19. I would do exactly what the Creator did: I would give the human race,at its request, free will…I withdrew from the government, remaining an observer of the world and humanity that I created, only occasionally,when it was absolutely necessary,interfering in the affairs of the earth.Adult children should be able to learn from their own mistakes and be responsible for what they have done.

  20. Let's assume that the Almighty exists.

    The Almighty is the ONE who can do absolutely EVERYTHING and owns absolutely everything.

    Therefore, He is not only the Master of humanity, but also its Parent.

    All-powerful for that and All-powerful for not creating a defective product.

    The Almighty created humanity exactly as He wanted it – neither good nor bad. Namely, what the Almighty originally intended. Even if it doesn't seem very good to people.. and in some ways I don't like it.

    Whatever image the Almighty intended , He created. Let a person think that the Almighty did something wrong. You never know what it seems to a person. The Almighty knows best.

    Justice? What do people know about the justice of the Almighty?

    People can only attribute their own ideas of justice to It.

    But-humanity exists! So in the view of the Almighty-everything is created correctly and everything goes as it should. Exactly as the Almighty intended.

    If we look at the history of mankind, then from the point of view of human morality – there is a lot of injustice there. But-humanity still exists. So everything is going right for the Almighty.

    I emphasize: it is necessary for the Almighty, and not for the whims of man.

    Conclusion: clearly, the Almighty has a reason for humanity to continue to exist.

    And what these reasons are – This mystery is Great. Don't even ask.

    Human justice and morality are temporarily resting here.

  21. Hello, Mary.

    Well, how can we sinners imagine this? Omnipotence will corrupt us, and justice will make us destroy everyone.

    The Almighty and Righteous One preserves humanity only out of His goodness, and not because people deserve to live righteously.

    As for the ultimate Truth, I believe there is one. Truth is from God, as is Love. God is Truth, God is Love. In God, truth and mercy do not contradict each other. God is truthful in mercy and Merciful in righteousness.

    Humanity is both created and preserved by Divine Love. Man's creation is a work of God's Love. The redemption of man by the Savior of the world on the Cross is a work of God's Love. The kingdom of heaven created for man is a work of God's Love. God is all-pleased. He doesn't need anything, He has everything. He is Good, therefore He created men, redeemed them, and preserves them for salvation, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance and the knowledge of the Truth.

    God help us!

  22. Universal justice has nothing to do with human justice. They have their own laws and executors of laws. Compared to these titans, a single human being is smaller in size and intelligence than a single micron. But, if hypothetically, not seriously, try on the role of the Almighty and His actions in relation to our planet – I would arrange a worldwide flood. And put the rotten eggs aside – yazhebog! For me, God, the overall picture on the planet seems to be something like if you walk into a kitchen full of cockroaches, Will you make out where there are children, old people and women? Cockroaches disgust us, they spoil our food and have a disgusting habit of carrying infection; humanity is aggressive, it does not protect the nature of its home planet, it destroys animals and many other things are unacceptable. Then (there's more!) I would clean the planet of human filth myself (well, I have to apologize to the reader again) and put righteous human souls there, giving them eternal youth and a physical shell, with instructions to increase the riches and resources of the Earth. A new humanity is being formed, which will be the decoration of our planet, and not its executioner. The earth will become the pearl of the universe, transformed by the constant care of its new inhabitants. There will be no wars, famine and diseases, as well as all other manifestations of negativity. Finita!

  23. I think I wrote somewhere that I should do it as a world dictator, but there I will answer in detail, here I will answer briefly-yes, I would have saved it. I would try to accumulate efforts to ensure that people scattered themselves at least in the Solar system. First, I wonder if humans will be able to exist outside the ocean biosphere, as independent beings in the world. Any fool can swim in the sea or in the air, but you try to spin in a vacuum, so-and-so. Secondly, people have a lot of positive potential, which is clearly manifested at the slightest signs of external patronage (security, freedom, etc.). That is, when a person is left to himself, he will fight for his place and a piece of bread, not caring about everything, and if the system gradually begins to provide him with this, then people begin to behave better, honor is developed. A simple tribal leader will already negate many potentially negative manifestations, and an all-powerful super ruler will negate a lot of things on a global level. The scab of negativity from humanity will disappear the size of Antarctica and it will be interesting to see how people will start to live after this.

    You can say even more simply – to demilitarize and deidelogize all people. Let's say that some people or corporation wants to run around with their army, preventive work, so that they don't want to do it for the rest of their lives. Or professors come up with some ideology that we don't live right, but we should live right, also work, so that after that they don't even think about anything but philistine values. The released energy is converted to profit.

  24. It would be very useful for humanity to make a “reliable vaccination” against aggressiveness, arrogance, permissiveness, malice, cruelty, and deceit. In the white World, fortunately, there are many decent, modest people who want to create good and happiness on the Planet, who do not allow their superiority over others. If there's one thing that can destroy people, it's humanity itself. Justice can hardly be associated with destruction. However, the uncontrolled, malicious expansion of people mercilessly and cynically destroys everything else on this Planet – this is monstrous and there must be a limit to this…

  25. If I am omnipotent, then it is most likely implied that I am not real (like a deity). In this case, as a person who does not imagine humanity apart from the process of its independent historical development, I will not be able to answer this question further.

    If I am omnipotent, but still material, then I will perceive humanity as social matter, already sufficiently developed. So I might either leave him alone or help him develop further.

  26. Submitted it..It didn't bring me any pleasure,as I'm faced with a choice..Destroy it or leave it? I probed the man's thoughts and was horrified..Blackness of thinking prevails so much that you want to trample this hive of vice without hesitation..I looked into my soul..Pain, longing, anger, hatred…I almost lost my mind myself..Well, I think we'll move on…We need to listen to nature,what she will say about this..I sit and listen…Nature is silent..The only sound is the groan of iron-shredded trees..Nature was dying for the “good” of man..So what do I do with you-human?..You only bring evil..You destroy what feeds and clothes you, and what you live on in the first place..Are you worthy of your existence? No!! This abscess on the body of the earth must be uprooted..The verdict is ready..The judges ruled…As an expense..

  27. If these are all the introductory conditions, then I would save them. Because I have no reason not to save. And in general, somehow interfere with the life cycle of a certain self-sufficient system.

    PS Here below the psychologist gave an interesting answer-they say, yes, I have no idea. Because I do not know how I would think if I were not myself, but some other, higher being. But, such an answer assumes that there are some additional conditions, that the question is asked as if not to you. This is a logical twist. Twitching. You took it upon yourself to answer, it is you, and not someone abstract. A priori, we must assume that all the conditions in the question are set out and there are no additional conditions. That is, the question is asked to YOU, with the mindset and principles that you currently possess. There are only two additional assumptions – that you are omnipotent and that you are just. Based on your current understanding of omnipotence and justice.

  28. Or become Thanos? If I, at the level of God, somehow humanly interfered in the affairs of humanity, then this would no longer be fair.

    If I had the desire, but with such opportunities even vryatli. You can direct humanity to drive some asteroid with useful resources into orbit. Destroy villains like Hitler, too, because humanity itself generates them.

    You can terraform the planets of the Solar system, and let people fly and hang out on their own.

  29. First of all, in order to know your power and perfection, you need to create something that is not this perfection. Since perfection does not want to create non-perfection, then perfection generates itself from the lesser and creates in this lesser the illusion of imperfection and the illusion of separation from the greater, and then through the lesser and the illusion, perfection can know whatever it wants.

  30. The question contains a series of paradoxes and inconsistencies.

    Submitted it. I can do anything. If I can do anything, then why destroy humanity, if what I don't like about it can be corrected – I can do anything!

    Justice is a very relative thing. What is true for one is like death for another. Therefore, it is impossible to be absolutely fair. Simplified – is it true that the lion is hungry? No! Is it fair that he killed an antelope and ate it? And from whose point of view is this fair?

    In the very word “destruction” lies violence. Question : Is violence fair? Moreover, is it fair to destroy what you didn't create?

  31. I didn't create humanity, and I don't want to destroy it. I recommend that the author of the question think about how to save humanity and how to help it live better, more interesting, better and preserve peace on the planet

  32. I would select a “golden billion” for the experiment and move it to a separate planet. If humanity survives in this format, the rest can be safely destroyed as ballast. But most likely, it won't survive)

    And yes, justice is out of the chat)

  33. Of course I would have kept it. People are so cool. How can you do so much bullshit out of the blue? But people are easy. They are very fun to watch. And as you know, one of the main problems of immortals is boredom. So we figured out the purpose of humanity!

  34. And why should it be destroyed? Few people have served death by their actions. A fair bounty would make everyone immortal, except for particularly notorious murderers and scum.

  35. You can't imagine yourself being fair. I will support those who answered that universal and absolute justice does not exist in principle. So I'm being unfair. Let's say he is omnipotent. What to do with people? Clean up this mess, definitely! World Flood 2, urgent! All the humans under the knife. It's time to disinfect the planet from this ugly virus. They are still of no use to anyone but themselves. But the damage is so much…

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