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  1. Don't do it, of course. And not for reasons of deep virtue. It's just that the feeling of guilt is experienced much harder than the feeling of being lied to. And if the act is really immoral and dirty, the guilt is guaranteed to be there.

  2. There are different situations in life. It all depends on the circumstances. I think that the first option is better. I tried it once , but I didn't finish it, and it changed my whole life. It would be better to do it once than to regret the missed opportunities. And what others will think of you is not so important, in any case, the past can not be returned. One act of public decency can destroy YOUR future beyond hope. What's the use of remaining “clean” and” virtuous”? The question is, is the person himself ready to make the “right” choice if, as a result, he himself has to do something “immoral and disgusting” for the rest of his life ?

  3. For people who prioritize honor and dignity, this is a rather difficult question, because despite the answer, these values will suffer at least as much.�

    If considered personally for myself, then I would not do it. The main thing is not to deceive yourself.

  4. Man is a social being. A particular individual is defined and characterized by his role, position in society. If everyone thinks that you did something immoral, then the reality of this society will be that in which you really did it. And it will be almost impossible to change it.

    The very concept of immoral and low in most cases is imposed on you by the society in which you live. Opinions about you and your actions shape your place in society. An action that you consider immoral is such because of the rating that people have assigned to it.

    So by performing an action that no one will ever know about, you are free to free yourself from evaluating it within the framework of its perception by society and you can give it any assessment yourself. For other people, this action will not be immoral, because for them it simply will not exist

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