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  1. Don't be alarmed) The prosonic state, between sleep and wakefulness, is a natural trance state of varying depths. Actually, a natural trance is a narrowed field of perception – we find ourselves in it dozens of times a day. “I was thinking”, hung up on social networks – this is all this area.

    And special concentration on something: counting, visually – at any point, on bodily sensations, on breathing, etc. – is used to induce trance, auto-training/meditation/self-hypnosis; – in general, for a special trance entry.

    You got a superimposition of a natural prosonic state and a countdown , and you got a trance effect that scared you. He's harmless. Simply put, you were dreaming))

    Even on the dance floor – when rhythmic music, flashing lights, and rhythmic movements are all elements of trance guidance-try adding circular head movements. They are also used separately to enter a trance, for example, in dynamic meditations. Also-get a classic trance. Funny. And-no, it has nothing to do with esotericism and mysticism at all. One more time: this is the experience of trance states that are constantly present in your life. You just don't pay attention; well, their depth is different.

    By the way, people usually have a fear: suddenly to enter such a state and not come out) – No, it is impossible. Either you'll fall asleep, or, more often, you'll just go back to your normal waking state.

  2. It's okay, you've caught what is commonly referred to as an”out-of-body experience.” The bottom line is that the moment of the borderline state, you catch the same sensations of vibration and falling out of your own body.

    The Institute for Psychophysical Research in England has already given a detailed and correct formulation. According to it ,an “out-of-body experience” is an experience in which objects of perception are clearly positioned in such a way that the observer experiences their sensation from a point of view that does not coincide with the position of his physical body. This is a kind of parallel universe made up of your subconscious mind, which we fall into every time we dream, which in most cases we forget, but this does not mean that it did not happen.

    If you are not eager to experience this experience again, then just resist, if not, then go with the flow completely relaxed. And remember, no fear, it will already be superfluous.

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