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  1. Science operates with research methods. Each method has limitations, as it examines only a small cross-section of reality. Moreover, even the most advanced devices cannot compete with biological systems. And consciousness is the fruit of a biological system, the upper level, and a multi-faceted one at that.

  2. As a result of objective reasons. On the relationship between consciousness and neuroprocesses, for example. Unfortunately, such a question can be asked when science clearly defines the concepts of consciousness, qualia, and the like.

  3. This is the illusion that there is some kind of separate “internal” perception, that there is some kind of “consciousness” separate from the activity of the organism.

    There are only reactions to reality.

    If you observe yourself, you will find that most of what you think and do happens”unconsciously.” To be “aware” you need a separate thought. It is just an image of “I think” and it exists only as long as I “think” it.

  4. Consciousness is a mental reflection of the surrounding reality. If you can't see with the other person's mind, you can see with your own…
    There is a method of “introspection” and studying the products of human activity. So they study.

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