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  1. Most likely, you are interested in animism – the belief in the animateness of nature, spirits and the existence of the soul as such. If you look at the origins of each religion, you can find animistic beginnings in it.

    As already mentioned in the previous answer, this religion is still held in Japan – we are talking about Shintoism. The Shinto religion implies the deification of natural forces, the worship of them and the spirits of the dead, as well as giving souls to many objects around life.�

    Animists also include many peoples inhabiting Russia: Nanais, Yakuts, Buryats (many adhere to Buddhist dogmas), Mansi and many other eastern inhabitants of our country. The latter, for example, still have shamanism and reverence for the spirit of the bear.

  2. The most famous religion without a God is Buddhism.�

    Totemic, shamanic cults, the cult of fire, sun, and ancestors… In Europe and America, the cult of ancestors has long ceased to exist, having changed to the study of pedigrees. In Japan, it still exists today.

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