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  1. So in youth, and in 40, everything is different for everyone.

    I agree in the sense that in youth, a lot of things just come from splashing energy, “by itself” in terms of motivation and activities. (Vooot… I think that many people will already doubt this point. And that's right: I'm telling you, everyone has it differently))

    And by 40, this spring has already exhausted its resource. And here-yes, everyone finds (or does not find) new meanings, goals and interests.

    When I was 41, I went to pick up my fourth child, and I got twins right away. At 42, becoming a young dad again is super cool. All fatherhood is experienced on a new level. Before it was separated by commas, with many other activities, and after 40 every minute, walk, day-you drink like an expensive wine. And you get mad from this lasting happiness.

    At 44, he became a student again. I decided to improve my skills in practical psychology. For two years I traveled from Arkhangelsk to Moscow every month. I liked it so much – this is really the return of youth, only in a different capacity – that after finishing two years of training, I immediately went to study in another place, in the program of the Moscow Gestalt Institute – and, with small interruptions, I continue to do so.

    At 51, he started working as a gestalt therapist, in addition to everything else – a new profession.

    What I live for is pleasure. I've had enough of him in my life.

    ..Oh, I didn't write about love and everything related to it – probably because it's just like air)…

  2. Here there was no first love in my youth and somehow with the liveliness was not particularly lucky. More precisely, I was given a fatal diagnosis at 16, it turned out to be erroneous. But this was the beginning of my main church formation and my own thoughts about the meaning of life somehow determined my life path. Vera laughed at the disappointment of the search and again. Doctors periodically made other diagnoses. But every time you realize that life is the most valuable thing you have. It doesn't matter how much you're allowed, if there's love there. As long as you live and breathe. You can realize yourself somehow. Taking care of someone. Create and so on. I just imagined death with all its consequences so many times, and I saw it even more in others. The reality of it is not clear, no one knows exactly what is there. But everyone hopes for the best. So the best thing we can do is we can only do it in this lifetime.

  3. Any person needs an incentive and a deep long-term goal for a meaningful and interesting life. In youth, goals are very simple, they are imposed by society and are, as it were, mandatory for a normal person. However, at the age of 30+, this system fails, everything that usually happens in life can be described as follows:: HOME-WORK-FAMILY-VACATION-WORK. There is no way to get out of this vicious circle, at your age the main goals are achieved, everything you need is most likely already there. You are faced with what a person naturally faces – the lack of meaning and life and the inability to find it in the full sense of the word. To sum up, there is nothing to live for, this is a bitter truth and it is objectively difficult to find any other answer to your question.

  4. Gradual transition from “boats, vodka and pullets” to “wine, cinema and dominoes”. �Gradual! �It is not even completed by the age of sixty.

    For a successful professional, especially a businessman, politician, and other drug lords, by the age of forty, prospects are just beginning to open up, just approaching, and it's not yet time to reap the fruits of the labors of the righteous and unrighteous.

    ..and those who read more and more books, for example, will not notice any special changes in this sense…

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