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  1. When they don't know why they live, it also pisses me off. Unconsciousness in those who are basically gifted with the ability to subtlest reflection is terrible. There is only one way out – to look for those who know and live consciously. They are usually grouped into different ideological movements. Or hang out in philosophy departments.

  2. Life is suffering and pain))))) And each individual person decides whether it will be hell for him or he will make his life worthy and meaningful. And this sense is manifested not only in “giving birth” to children, there are still many interesting activities that will make it not empty and gray. Everyone decides for himself what or whom to live for, for someone the meaning is in sitting on a bench on Friday with a can of beer, and someone is constantly busy with self-development and finding new things, or just a big family with 7 children is the height of dreams for someone and he feels in his place in this. All these things are very different, but for someone they will definitely be the meaning of existence.

  3. Well, one person's life – your own-is entirely in your hands. If you really think so, then it is completely unclear what prevents you from solving the problem of your own existence. After all, this is minus one hated person – and at the same time, all these problems will at the same time, for obvious reasons, stop worrying you.

    If you are not satisfied with this scenario, then you should find out why. This will be the answer to the question asked.

  4. Yes, and this hell, libit, gives gifts, rings, breeds wars. Well, it has never appeared and will never disappear. And when we die, we don't know that we're dead. Subjectivity will go away. Our own memory of ourselves. I'll just have to live in this hell. If you try hard, you can also experience happiness.

  5. Stop being an idiot and get the shit out of your head maybe? What you think “they know”, only you know. Even the worst moments that life can provide are better than the non-existence that already awaits us all. Take pity on your mother and grow up.

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