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  1. Introspection is a hobby, and it can be compared to bulkheads in your room or workplace.

    It's one thing if you pick up everything on the street that is bad (resentments, conflicts, joys) and then at home you can spend hours digging into them, spending all your free time in these joys, insults and memories.

    But it's another matter if you come to your cluttered room to dig through the ruins, clean it up from unnecessary things.

    If you have made at least one step towards making your life better after self-examination, then such self-examination is considered constructive.

    And if, as a result of introspection, you only increased your depressive state or felt exhausted or even sick, then many people will call it “bad”.

  2. From my point of view, introspection is still not very good: there is almost no benefit from introspection, unless you are a psychologist, and the process of introspection occurs in your client, and you ask him: “well, what did you dig up?” and with the ability to eliminate the causes of introspection, you help the client. I think so. The person himself usually does not move further than introspection and self-flagellation, but you can get your mood pretty wet.

  3. Ahem. If we simplify all of the above, does it really turn out that grief comes from the mind? And if you live like everyone else, enjoy the sky, the sun, sleep, eat, walk and not think, then everything will be a priori good? I understand that ideally there should be something between introspection and the lifestyle of a socially adapted animal, but if once you start to think about it and find that there is no point, then how can you forget about it and return to the “channel”?…

  4. It depends on what the author means by “introspection”.

    But understanding in the usual sense, introspection is bad, healthy reflection, introspection is good. Introspection in the sense of “oh, what have I done”, or analysis, seeing yourself mainly in a more negative light, and even with shades of self-flagellation, if this is not what it is, is naturally not a healthy introspection. Sitting around an extinct campfire and sprinkling ashes on your head is always unhealthy. Reflection, as introspection( introspection), introspection, self-awareness, is a way to understand yourself, the motive of your actions, a way to analyze, realize the result of your actions, the value-semantic system, desires and goals (this is more likely to be in the sphere of motivation), a way of self-development. Simply put, reflection is awareness and awareness, understanding of oneself and one's actions, based on which one can correct and change one's behavior, the structure of one's personality, the value and semantic sphere, respectively, motives, desires, goals (from more superficial to more profound).

    And to answer the second question, there is no boundary and you cannot know yourself more deeply than you are. What matters is the quality of your reflection, how honest and responsible you are to yourself.


  5. My introspection begins when everything goes wrong. When everything is good , you don't dig into yourself. In general, introspection is a wonderful thing, but do not be zealous with it, you can get hung up and life will fly by. You always need to analyze your actions and actions, but you don't need to completely plunge into your inner ocean, it can turn out to be a swamp.

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