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  1. Human nature is multi-faceted. Each person forms his own personal “EGO” as life teaches him to do. It all depends on the psychological situation. But there are cases when watching cruelty, a person strives with all his might to overcome all the inequality and injustice that he had to observe from an early age(a common example).
    It is also no exception that being brought up in a prosperous family, sadists and tyrants grow up. It would seem that it could be easier, do good and appreciate the people around you. But the very idea that I grew up in a good, well-to-do family, and this person in a low-income one, puts his “I” above, this already implies inequality.
    But as for me, each person decides for himself who he will become and in what direction he will start his life. There are no bad and good ones, everything depends on your own upbringing and life experience.

  2. You need to understand that�

    a) morality is a purely abstract concept, it is formed by our parents and environment, it does not exist in isolation from the human mind

    b) morality is such a tricky thing, which is relative, but it seems absolute to us.�

    There is no good and evil, it is only what we conditionally assign to these categories. In nature, the cat tears off the head of the bird and does not feel bad. If she doesn't eat the birds, she will die. A person has a desire to make everyone “good”. Oh, I feel sorry for the bird! Ah, a starving pussy is also a pity! Animals are not familiar with moral anguish (although many animals are familiar with empathy).�

    Thus, a person is born with a lack of morality as such, but, like any animal, with the desire to survive and satisfy their basic needs, and if they are not given knowledge about what society around them considers good and bad, they will proceed only from survival considerations.

    Societies are completely different, the island tribes considered cannibalism to be completely normal, but to us it seems disgusting. For Mormons, polygamy is standard, but in the United States, where the largest Mormon communities are located, it is considered immoral (and illegal). Born a Mormon-you will consider 3 wives the norm, born in New York-savagery.

  3. Not that, not the other. On the one hand, all people are born good babies. On the other hand, many people have a genetic tendency to aggression, because only a few thousand years ago it was necessary for a person to survive.

    The environment causes a person to be sometimes ” evil and vicious.” It has long been known that children from dysfunctional families are more prone to aggression. �

    Anger is a natural reaction of the brain to a stimulus, which allows you to make the right decision and quickly navigate. This emotion, I believe, is present in all animals, it is simply necessary for survival. Another thing is that someone keeps it to himself, and someone does not, but somehow it affects us, and in most cases forces us to make the right decision for ourselves

    There should be a balance everywhere. I believe that there are no absolutely good or absolutely evil people. All our emotions help us in one way or another (if we are talking about mentally healthy people). The ability to improve ourselves is something that distinguishes us from animals, something that will be relevant as long as there is competition in this world.

    “Essentially” we are DIFFERENT: evil, vicious, kind, purposeful, aggressive, soft, active, passive, and all this sometimes fits in one person)

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