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  1. Love in a couple, whether heterosexual or homosexual, involves sensuality. Including lust, eroticism, sexuality, tenderness, passion, bliss, desire to devour, deepest intimacy, gratitude, longing, playfulness.�

    I force myself to stop listing-for the sake of bewilderment: what do you have against?)))

    Love – I'm talking about love in a couple – includes a whole lot more.

    And, like, “love is lust” – such a fierce reductionism, simplification with a desperate loss of content and meaning. Lust, yeah. And not only))

  2. What exactly is it that you don't like? That there is a sexual element to love at all? By the way, love can begin not only with “oh, what a beautiful / sexy girl (or guy), let me meet her”, but also with friendship-when people already liked each other, only they didn't want to have sex with each other (say, friends from childhood). And lovers of the first type eventually deepen their feelings, getting to know each other better. Actually, it's hard for me to imagine a long-term relationship without this very deepening (it's unlikely that someone meets the same person for a long time just for sex, without even communicating with them about their life, interests, etc.).
    Aren't people sexually attracted to each other in books (I remember the expression “princesses don't poop”)? I don't really understand this part of the question and can only say that not everything fictional is made up from scratch. Whatever you mean by these beautiful feelings, they are there in reality, but probably not everyone has them.

  3. Maybe the answer will be short, unscientific and banal, but it is really difficult to meet a person with whom you can experience such strong emotions and feelings, mostly and in most cases it is really based only on lust. By the way, not all books describe ideal / sublime/beautiful feelings . As my friend says, ” the most terrible genre in cinema is not thriller, but love dramas, because it is there that a person believes that such a life and such love is real, this beautiful picture is inspired from childhood, what Disney cartoons about princesses are worth, but in fact it turns out to be an illusion, the departure of which is very difficult to survive.”

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