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  1. Capitalism is the most natural form of existence and development of society, which is why it is so successful and resilient. This is following the laws of nature.

    If you compare capitalism and socialism. The first is a nature reserve, and the second is a zoo. In the reserve, animals and plants live according to the laws of nature, according to natural selection. Animals themselves know when to hunt, breed, rest, where to go, where to sleep. The weak die, the strong survive. Individuals compete with each other for free resources. Man only observes on the surface. As a result, populations develop and thrive on their own.

    In the zoo, everything is controlled by humans – feeding, mating, daily routine, free territory. Weak individuals are nursed and supported. Artificial selection is made – the person selects not the strongest individuals, but those who are most satisfied with the person (the color is “cool”, it was a pity, just because “pretty”…). As a result, zoo animals are not adapted to independent survival, they are weak, frail. These are dependents. Let them out-they will die in the first week, losing the competition with free individuals.

    It is the same under capitalism: people and companies live according to the laws of the market, according to natural selection. People and companies themselves know what to buy, what to sell, where to go, what to read, and where to live. Weak companies go bankrupt, but strong ones survive. Weak people get poorer, are on the sidelines of life, die, strong people live and thrive. The state only monitors compliance with the laws. As a result, society thrives and develops.

    Under socialism, everything is controlled by the state: the range of production, censorship, the number of shops, cafes, etc. Artificial selection is made – it is not the strong industries that society needs that survive, but those who fulfill the “plans” that are lowered from above. People who are not proactive, enterprising, or smart are encouraged. And the gray, poor, executive ones are encouraged. As a result, businesses and people are not equipped to survive independently without a government order. These are sad dependents. What the collapse of the USSR showed: enterprises, many people confirmed their squalor and worthlessness when the state order disappeared.

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