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  1. Yes, if we considerConsciousness from the position of vulgar materialism, where Consciousness is considered as a kind of material processes (the brain allocates thought, like the liver bile). Such an interpretation leads to simplified concepts that reduce Consciousness to chemical or neurophysiological processes in the brain, to reflexes, behavioral acts.

    In Medicine, the term Consciousness is used in a narrow sense to denote the normal state of higher nervous activity of a person (adequate perception and comprehension of the environment, the ability to actively think, speech contacts, appropriate arbitrary behavioral acts).

    In psychology, Consciousness is a person's reflection not only of the external world, but also of himself, including his mental activity. Self-reflection has various forms: from a sense of Self and an assessment of one's current thoughts, emotions, and actions to ethical self-control, reflection, and criticism of one's own worldview. Self-knowledge and self-consciousness are necessary aspects of Consciousness. At the same time, there are complex, often contradictory relationships in the psyche of the conscious and unconscious spheres, inadequate self-knowledge and self-consciousness are possible, as well as such a phenomenon as self-deception.


    Consciousness is the highest form of reflection of reality peculiar only to a person, which is a set of mental processes that allow him to navigate the world around him, time, and his own personality, ensuring continuity of experience, unity and diversity of behavior.

    (Information taken from the medical Encyclopedia)

  2. Questions about consciousness are extremely difficult to understand (see below). But still, let's try to find a clear and unambiguous answer.

    To answer your question (as far as I can see), it is very important to understand:

    Is consciousness what it “thinks” (the tool of thinking) or is it what it “thinks “(the content of thinking)?

    My answer is unequivocal-consciousness is “what it thinks” (roughly, this is what I am). So my answer to your question is – No, consciousness is NOT a “march of thoughts”. In Korea, consciousness is “silence”, because only in silence (when extraneous “noises” do not interfere) it is only possible to “hear” it.

    My argument is very simple (if you “don't go too deep”, and if you want, you are welcome, we will consider it together in the comments), – you can “think” about anything, and therefore identify your “thinking machine” with anything. I don't disagree with that. But somehow, to put it mildly, it is very unlikely that the “small heap” (everything we think about) is even “capable” of thinking. After all, then it turns out that the most developed consciousness should be in the largest pile of garbage (in which, in fact, “everything is there”)? – Have you tried to ask the garbage dump what consciousness is? And what did she say to you (if it's not a secret)? )))

    Actually, that is why I categorically reject any concepts of consciousness based on its content (it is clear that their darkness is possible, as well as options for filling this “content”).

    After all, precisely because people traditionally identify themselves with what they “think” about, the word “consciousness” has become a word with a vaguely vague meaning (everyone can put very different content in it, up to the opposite), but on an “intuitive level” it is very clear to all people (because every person definitely has consciousness in fact).

    The question of what is “consciousness” is a question of “getting rid of extraneous” (clearing the diamond from the accompanying “ore” or a useful signal from extraneous noise). Something like what R. Descartes did (except that he did it using the wrong method, and therefore came up with what he started with).

    After all, if you use only one method or even methods that depend on each other (reduced to one), then as a result of “research” (cleaning from “ore”), only this method will remain (use the “doubt” method to get that consciousness is “doubting”, use thinking – get that it is “thinking”, use opinion – get that it is “imagining”, etc.). diamonds “together with” ore”will also go to the” dump”). Isn't it?

    For example, modern science looks for consciousness as a “process” (in the brain) and, of course, therefore convincingly “finds” it precisely “as a process in the brain” (after all, what else could it find “so digging”?).

    In order to find consciousness, at least two different “tools” are needed, and each of them must accurately “filter out the other method as ore” (then the selected tool cannot become the “result of digging”). Well, of course, you should have no doubt that these “tools” are definitely not consciousness (again, to avoid temptation). Then only there will be a chance to dig up something “valuable”.

    Anyone who sees such ” tools “(capable of “sifting out” consciousness from garbage when digging) and wants to “dig it out” is ready to try to help them in this (in the comments). Of course, we will not be able to complete the” digging “(Q does not have the “format”, and human life is short, and “everything” will have to be dug, which means the amount of work is terrifyingly huge), but I think it will be possible to at least get the first encouraging results and understand whether the method “works” or not (if you want and try).

    I “dig out” my own (the results are more than encouraging and encouraging). What I sincerely wish everyone!

  3. Absolutely not!

    In order not to refer to the definition and to my own understanding of what consciousness is, I will simply answer a specific question in the way of the reverse question.

    Here you are in your apartment and suddenly you hear the rattle of a rattlesnake.

    You know it's a rattlesnake, but you don't know where it is.

    Do you have any thoughts at this moment – “Oh, there's a snake in my house, how terrible it is!” or ” Horror, it's a snake, you need to call on the phone!”, or ” How do I look and am I wearing the right dress?”…

    You won't have any of this, nothing!

    And there will only be TOTAL attention!

    Not even the question ” Where?” it won't happen!

    There will be nothing – just TOTAL attention.

    This is a big part of awareness.

  4. Answering this question, accordingly, I focus only on my Personal understanding of this process. In my understanding, Consciousness is a collection of knowledge. Available, received and received information, after a certain initial transformation-filtering, a kind of folding-fixed in a kind of “library-archive”. In turn, the “March” is a kind of synchronicity, ordering, sequence. Which is controlled by the Mind, which “draws” receives information from the “Archive”. Therefore: Consciousness is an “Archive” that is replenished and transmits information with the help of thoughts. This is just my opinion and that's all. Peace To Your Home!

  5. No. Consciousness or full awareness is more than a stream of thoughts,thoughts can be different,both bad and good,and consciousness is a space of omnipresence. The presence of all imperishable, eternal being.

  6. Consciousness is an opportunity to manifest, because there is a consciousness of the Ego, which differs from the consciousness of the Mind, in that the Ego is an installation program of survival, and the consciousness of the Mind is a freer thinker, in its limited framework of the canvas.There is also under the consciousness and its incorrect understanding, which is actually OVER the already voiced consciousnesses and sets the tone/core of the past experience. That is, like a march of thoughts. figuratively speaking.

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