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  1. The question goes into the general methodology of scientific research, since it is universal for various sciences.

    I see four options for classifying consciousness, defined by the author's task.

    The first. In my opinion, in the classifications of the scientific method, the object-subject ratio is more common. Both can be considered as a process that is part of the functional (process) environment of the surrounding reality, which has a special composition and structure. Yes, consciousness is really a process. Although there are other ways of recognizing and structuring the reality under study.

    Second. If you want to study consciousness itself, then it as a process is, of course, the object of research. Yes, consciousness is really an object.

    Third. If you justify the process of studying consciousness and influencing its course, then this process is already the subject of research and consciousness management. In order to understand consciousness in a scientific sense, it is necessary to justify this process (object), which is derived from consciousness as an object. It completely depends on the object and carries its most important features.

    Fourth. When using the process of consciousness (pider, manager) as a tool for purposeful influence, it can be considered as an object through which other people are controlled. It is not for nothing that everything in education is called subjects.

    Therefore, depending on the formulation of a practical and scientific problem, consciousness can be considered both as a process, as an object, and as an object.

    With respect. Alexander.

  2. Consciousness is Movement in the abstract sense, so it is both subject, object, and process. It is studied, has regularities, and therefore is an object.

  3. Consciousness is a process.
    To be more precise, these are several interrelated processes.
    At the same time, the human body is undergoing a process of rational reflection, emotions, sensations, sometimes the sensory sphere is wedged in, well, etc.
    All this happens with the processes of the subconscious (including the subconscious in consciousness is a separate question, but I would include it).
    Well, all this is superimposed on the physical condition of a person, his level of vigor/fatigue, the level of a particular hormone in the blood, etc.

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