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  1. And what is consciousness? Please answer this question first. Discreteness and continuity are properties, so to speak, of an entity, a kind of body, so to speak, hands-feet-head…� But not the point.

    It is very difficult to find out the essence without slipping, without slipping to the study of the signs of the essence. It's like feeling and tasting the shell of a nut, judging by it about its contents.

    However, I would say that consciousness is both discrete and continuous. These are two sides of the same coin, like being and consciousness (at another level of the cycle of abstractions).

    The concepts of discreteness and continuity derive from the concepts of time, motion, and space. Sometimes these concepts are real, sometimes unreal :).

  2. It's not very clear what you mean. Does the brain “tick” in the same way as a computer, if consciousness is considered as an operating system running on a computer-brain? No, the brain works continuously, something is constantly happening in it, connections between neurons are being rebuilt, cells are being born and dying, and information is constantly coming to it.

    Consciousness can be discrete in two cases: if time is discrete (if it exists at all) and if we all live in the matrix and all this is a computer simulation.

  3. It seems to me that this is a question of your own worldview, if consciousness is discrete for you, then you can safely use a teleport that atomically scans you, disassembles and collects your likeness at another point in space (yes, it is mathematically impossible to create a perfect copy of any object). You just disconnect and switch on somewhere else. Or not?

    Or you will cease to exist, and somewhere out there a copy of your consciousness will appear, your clone, but not you. You wouldn't have felt his feelings if you hadn't been sorted out here. Does this mean that he is not you?�

    But let's say you were still disassembled so that there were no 2 copies of consciousness. Then you can still refer to the Theseus paradox: “If all the components of the original object have been replaced, is the object still the same object?”. The question of your own pholosophy, if consciousness is continuous for you, you will be horrified by the thought that you will disappear, and somewhere your almost perfect copy will appear.

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